Adjustable Beam EcoSurvivor Headlamp

Editor: Katjarina Hurt


Just the facts:
Adventure lies ahead with the EcoSurvivor Headlamp. The ultra-bright, lightweight headlamp is essential for activities that require extra visibility. With a 50-meter beam distance, as well as a tiltable housing to raise or lower the light as needed, the powerful LED will keep your path well lit during a hiking excursion or early morning run.


500 lumens

IP54 Rating

50-meter beam distance

4 different light modes – high/low/blinking/red

Requires 3 AAA batteries

8-hour battery life

My Story:

I’ve gone through a lot of headlamps, and it is hard to say that any have stood out to me before the EcoSurvivor Headlamp.

This headlamp stands out primarily due to the seperate light and battery pack. Not something I have seen before! image.

I was leading an after-work hike in the Cascades and knew that it would be getting dark, so I grabbed this headlamp and a spare (that I never had to use!) and set off on a grueling hike up Mailbox Peak. It started to get dark on the way down, and I told everyone to stop and put their headlamps on. One of my friend’s chuckled at the odd look of having the light on the front and the battery pack on the back (he said I looked like a bear with a radio collar on my head), but the setup felt comfortable and did not bother me a bit.

We entered the trees and soon lost the daylight. I appreciated the adjustable housing that let me angle the light where I needed it. I played with the high and low settings at first but quickly realized that even on the low setting, the light was plenty bright and illuminated the trail well.

I fell in love with this headlamp when I began thinking about the ease with which is clipped on and off of the headband. Where else could it attach to… I pulled the pieces off the headband and attached them to the chest strap of my backpack. It was amazing! Suddenly my light was constantly oriented forward with my torso as I hiked downhill and I was free to move my head and look around. This was especially helpful in looking back to check on the slower members of our group. Now, I could look back without blinding them AND the trail in front of me was kept fully illuminated.

Looking down the trail with the headlamp clipped to my chest straps on the low setting.


So to sum this up I have to say that after one excursion, I can already tell that this is going to be a favorite piece of gear!

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What could be done better:

The original box had an image of the headlamp but no instructions on putting it together. While I was able to puzzle through how to open the cord clips and the best position for the attachments, it would have been much faster to have some simple infographics for the less-than-logic oriented among us.

And even though I have no shame, I can see where the “radio tagged bear” look might embarrass some people, so a half point off for the fashion conscious.


4.5 Stars!

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability