By Cory McLaughlin

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Just the Facts:

  • Ready To Grill in 5 Minutes
  • Super Easy & Super Portable
  • UP TO 50% Less CO2 Emissions
  • No Flames & Minimal Smoke
  • High & Even Grilling Heat
  • All Natural Bamboo Grate
  • 100% Natural Materials
  • Lavastone Thermal Insulation

  • Weight 2.2 LBS
  • Biodegradable
  • Eco-Friendly
  • 12.2 X 9.2 X 2 Inches
  • No Metals Or Chemicals
  • No Lighter Fluid Needed
  • 60+ Minutes @ 600 °F
  • Grills Amazing Food

My Story:

While walking around the Summer Outdoor Retail Show in Denver I happened upon a strange booth. It was an indoor show and as I walked past a BBQ that appeared as though it may be lit I was a bit confused. Well, that was enough to get me to stop and I am ever so glad I did! Up to that point I had never heard of a Casus Grill and everything they had to tell me was new and exciting information. I was instantly hooked and knew I wanted to review this fun looking product.

My time at the booth taught me that Casus Grill is one of a kind. It is the world’s only truly biodegradable grill. The grill consists of only 3 materials, cardboard, lava stone and bamboo. It is compact and ready to travel just about anywhere. I had to have one and as luck would have it I was sent with a test grill. My backpack was loaded down but I found a creative way to strap it to the outside. While walking around the show several people stopped me to ask about the grill. At that time I had no experience with it so I could only motion them to the Casus Grill booth with hope they would enjoy their time there as much as I had.

The last night of the show was also our last night in Denver. My colleague Johnny and I had formed a plan to use this as a test night for the Casus Grill and a few other products we had acquired. We rented one of the thousands of electric scooters that litter the streets of Denver and we headed to the local grocery store to buy some steaks. Back at the hotel we found a nice place around the pool and we began our testing.

The Casus Grill is a complete unit. Assembly is not complicated and the included instructions are very easy to follow. As I said, the grill is a complete unit, but you will need an ignition source to light the charcoal. The OxyLite bamboo charcoal is really cool stuff that produces amazing flavor. My kids love watching it fire up as the cackling flame spreads across the coals. It is really nice to know that in only 5 minutes you are ready to start creating culinary art on a grill that is an art piece itself.  

Now back to Denver. Once the charcoal had settled in and was ready for grilling we added the steaks and skewers. The folks at Tin Cup sent us with a bottle of whiskey and with a little help from the hotel breakfast area and some LonoLife bone broth we seasoned the steaks and created a butter baste for the veggies. It was set to be a meal fit for kings!

The Casus Grill was bellowing out smoke and a curious passersby commented on the great smell they found themselves walking through. As you can see above the steaks were huge, it was our last night after all, and we wanted to have a great meal. The Casus Grill handled the job with ease and soon the steaks were at both Johnny and I’s preferred doneness of medium rare. We dove into the steak and the flavor was amazing. It was everything we love about charcoal grilling with a little added flare from the novelty of such a unique grill.

The wind was not on our side that night as it tried it’s best to ruin our poolside dinner. I was nearly done with my steak and decided that I wanted a bit more char on the large piece of fatty ribeye that I had left. Disaster came swiftly as the grill was burning very efficiently due to high winds and the added fat was the perfect recipe for fire! There are some drawbacks to a grill that is made out of flammable material. A few handfuls of pool water later and the grill was no longer on fire. I cannot in good faith leave this out of my review but I must say that this was a combination of both extreme weather and user error. I pushed the grill past what it was meant to do and it cost me. I am a product tester so It was kind of fun to reach disaster as it was a learning moment.

Once home I made a post to our Instagram account and reached out to Casus Grill to tell them about my experience. I spoke with Mahar and he was absolutely awesome! He was so surprised that I had found a way to catch the grill on fire that he couldn’t let that be my last impression of the Casus Grill. He gave me some more advance instruction and sent me out a batch of new grills to test out. I was eager to get them and excited to share!

Once the grills arrived I passed a few out to other testers and friends. I can confidently say we used Casus Grills extensively this summer.

I grilled our July 4th meal.

Kabobs at softball tournaments.

S’mores for the kids. 

Burgers at the lake.

Hotdogs at the beach.

And lastly, a little cookout party on a lunch break.

I shared some of the grills with Johnny and he took them with him on nearly every summer trip he had. In total we grilled with Casus Grills 20 separate times over the summer. I never experienced a single issue with a grill once I used them correctly. The flaming grill in Denver was a fluke that was caused by weather that was not conducive to grilling and poor judgment on my part. My love of Casus Grills has nearly erased my memory of that fluke fire.

I briefly talked about the grills makeup in the upper section but I feel it must be revisited in a final thought. This grill is completely biodegradable! In today’s world this is a huge accomplishment that deserves recognition. This grill is made to be disposed of but not to sit in a landfill for the next 100 years. Heck, you could even soak it in water and nearly dissolve it overnight. Dig a hole and bury it in the ground guilt free. You can even burn the grill in the campfire and have no worry that you are leaving behind anything other than ash.

Casus Grill claims you will have cooking temperatures for up to 60 minutes. I have found this to be true with all 20 of the grills tested with many lasting longer than 60 minutes. This grill is innovative, functional and truly biodegradable. What more could you ask for?

Give Casus Grill a look for your next tailgating party or impromptu trip to the wilds. You will enjoy it’s novelty and the delicious food that you can expertly prepare with it. The Casus Grill is everything it says it is and just a bit more. It is just a fun grill that will certainly make you the talk of whatever function you bring it to.


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What can be done better?

I cannot find anything that I would change about this grill               


  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability