EKA-DUO Switchable Blade Fishing Knife

The EKA-DUO Switchable Blade Fishing Knife or EKA, this switchable little wonder is extremely useful and versatile. Practical, safe and razor-sharp, it can be used in the kitchen, on a fishing trip or on the sailboat. The shape of the knife blade is optimized for filleting. The inversed gut opener lets you open the gut of the fish and perform the zipping process smoothly and safely. The blade is made by the Swedish Sandvik Steel 12C27, hardened to 57-59 HRC. The handle is made of a high quality PROFLEX rubber. The DUO is delivered with an elegant cordura sheath to store while not in use.


– Polished finish
– Scandinavian ground blade for extreme sharp edge and durability
– Ergonomic handle design
– Lanyard ring
– Lanyard cordura strap
– Hinged black cordura sheath
– International and U.S Patent Design
– Available in Black or Orange

Just the Facts:

Blade Steel: Sandvik 12C27
HRC: 57-59
Handle: PROFLEX™
Knife Blade length: 130mm / 5.11in
Gut Opener: 90mm / 3.54in
Total length: 295mm / 11.61in
Blade thickness: 1.8mm / 0.07in
Total weight: 140g / 4.93oz

I have fond memories of growing up fishing with Dad and Grandpa. We would come home from fishing the Rim Country Lakes in Arizona and show off of our stringer full of fish to mom and grandma.

Once we got the boat and everything situated it was time to clean the fish. Grandpa would break out his trusted knife and the work would begin.

Now that I don’t have dad or grandpa to clean my fish, I have been in search of a great all around filet knife that can hold an edge as it cleans the numerous varieties and quantities of fish that we catch here in Utah.

EKA Duo Switchblade Fishing Knife
EKA Duo Switchblade Fishing Knife

I came across the EKA Duo imported out of Sweden by ProForce Equipment. Before I get any further lets pronounce the name of the manufacture correct since I had trouble with it. EKA is pronounced as a complete word and rhymes with Rebeca, Meca, Tribeca. Now that we have that out of the way we can move on.

This knife came in a simple and professional packaging that visually displayed the high quality of this knife. I opened up the packaging and as I grabbed the handle I immediately noticed the PROFLEX rubber grip it had just enough grip that I wasn’t worried about it sliding out of my hand while using it. The handle is not sticky and leaves no residue from the grip itself.

EKA Duo Fishing Knife
EKA Duo Fishing Knife

We all have bought high quality knives before only to get them out of the packaging and immediately we are breaking out the sharpener to get them to our standard of sharp. This was the first knife I have ever bought that immediately out of the packaging was razor sharp and by razor sharp I mean just that. We actually shaved our arms with it.

The blade is made of 1.8mm thick Swedish Sandvik Steel 12C27 which is hardened to between 57-59 HRC. This steel provides great corrosion resistance, provides superior edge retention and allows an exceptional polished finish.

On the handle I hit the very visible release button and flipped the knife around to the gut hook. Nothing changed it was just as sharp. The cordura lanyard hooks right on to the back of the knife and then back around to the cordura sheath. I love having this security because I tend to drop things and the last thing I would want is to donate this knife to the bottom of my local lake. The sheath fits the knife like a glove allowing it to slide out and in with ease without sacrificing any of the security of the knife.

After being so hyped up about this knife just from seeing it, it was time to put it to the test. For the past couple months I have been using this knife for everything I can think of to try and ruin the edge, loosen the blade and rip up the handle. I am starting to think it is impossible to do unless I take it to a bench grinder. The EKA Duo is still just as sharp as the day I have taken it out of the package. It has trimmed the fat on my beef, cleaned up my chicken breast and even gutted and breasted my wild turkey. Every time I use this knife I get a big smile on my face. During the past month since the ice is coming off the lakes I have had the chance to use it on numerous rainbow and cutthroat trout as well and everything I have said holds true. The razor sharp edge, the blade design and the proflex handle allow me to get the perfect filet from all of my fish.

I highly recommend this knife to everyone from beginners to experts in the fishing industry. You will not find a better filet knife out there that can hold its razor sharp edge and get you the perfect filet for those upcoming fish fries. The EKA Duo has been tried, tested, and now proven and has won my vote as the all time greatest filet knife on the market.

I wish I had some feedback for EKA regarding what they could do better but I don’t. They have perfected the filet knife and ProForce Equipment scored big when they became their distributor here in the USA. Great Job EKA and ProForce Equipment in making and distributing the top of the line filet knife.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability