Wolf and Grizzly Fire Safe

By Cory McLaughlin

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Just the Facts:

Fire Safe was designed and engineered specifically to maximize efficiencies while minimizing its consumption.

Airflow direction has been carefully engineered to create an efficient and clean burn of charcoal or wood in strong-to-light wind conditions

Wind shielding provided by the frame ensures you light and keep your fires hassle-free

It’s segmented, corrugated design allows you to add charcoal to only the areas that you wish to heat, allowing you to use just enough fuel to cook your meal, rather than wasting monumental amounts of charcoal

Our insert was designed to require less so you can do more. In fact, Fire Safe requires 26% less fuel per unit of surface area than its closest “competitor”

After use, the same component that allowed for efficient airflow acts as a scoop for the ashes creating the first disposal-conscious fire containment base. We specifically designed this with a minimal trace mentality.

Collapsible Packdown.

Our patent-pending hinged collapsible design allows for a large fuel capacity and mighty fire while maintaining a packdown size slimmer than 1” and weighing less than 2.2lbs. This enables you to go on any kind of adventure (big or small) while minimizing the space it takes up in your bag.



Cooking Compatible.

Every design decision we make is deliberate and thoughtful. That’s why we ensured Fire Safe could work beautifully with its partner-in-crime, our Grill M1 Edition. Fire Safe’s segmented fuel containment and our predetermined Grill M1 heights enables your fuel to be used in a highly efficient way for cooking. Furthermore, it allows for better control of heat zones for different foods.


The highest position for cooking over a wood fire


Best for charcoal BBQ or lower burning flames


Ideal with charcoal briquettes for an even more compacted adventure

My Story:

I had a great time testing out the Wolf and Grizzly Grill M1 during the summer of 2019. I found it to be a great product, one of which you can read more about here:

When I spoke with the good folks of Wolf and Grizzly during the Summer OR show in Denver they took time to show me their new Fire Safe. I was instantly excited about this cool looking combo and knew that I wanted to test it out.

The W&G Fire Safe arrived and I was eager to get it tested. Typically I try to get a bit of testing done at home before I go into the field so I pulled out the Fire Safe and set it up in my living room. It looked great. The stainless steel was very handsome and the assembly was about as simple as a person could ask for. I rushed outside to build a fire. In my hast I forgot to take pictures of the clean stove but hey, this is a testing site and unused products don’t really prove anything. Below you will see the Grill M1 and the Fire Safe in their cases and the Fire Safe case open with a pop can for reference.  

My first real-world testing came by way of a camping/hunting trip that I had planned. For this trip we would be hunting along the Snake River in my home state of Washington. I had a new product to test and that always adds to the excitement of any adventure. Our dinner was to be some homemade venison bratwurst. I knew we would be having a fire but sometimes it is nice to cook food over charcoal rather than pitch laden pine. I set up the Fire Safe and paired it with the Grill M1. After the coals had time to settle I was ready to get the brats on. As you can see this combination of Wolf and Grizzly products worked wonderfully together. 

When I was a much younger man I would spend countless hours on the riverbanks in search of fish and fowl. It was not often that we had fires as it was too difficult to snub them out before daylight and/or we didn’t want to make a mess of blackened earth for others to find. Sadly during those times I never thought to look for a portable fire pit, though they were not near as common back then. Luckily we live and learn and I was very excited to have the chance to make a warming fire in the Fire Safe.

The best feature of a portable fire pit is just that, it’s portable. The fire can be placed right where you want it to be and moved again if necessary. When you are done with the fire you can move the ash and coals to another location. In fact, many areas require that you use a fire containment pit of some sort.

Fire Safe is purpose built for this need and is not only functional but also efficient. The well designed baffled base allows for optimal airflow helping to ensure that you maximize the full heat potential of your fuel while also minimizing smoke output. Simply put, Fire Safe just works.

I had a great time testing out this fantastic product from Wolf and Grizzly. The Fire Safe is a great stand-alone product but it moves to amazing when paired with the Grill M1. The portability and ease of use make this the perfect addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s kit. You will love Wolf and Grizzly’s Fire Safe and Grill M1 of that I am sure! It should be noted that this is not intended to make enormous bonfires. If you are looking to do that you will be disappointed. If you want a small warming fire or cooking fire the Fire Safe is just what you are after! 


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What can be done better?

I cannot think of anything I would change about the Fire Safe. That said, I would love to see Wolf and Grizzly come out with a much larger version of this awesome fire pit for larger fires at campsites. I could really see these catching on in the campgrounds of the world. Overall Fire Safe is really just a great product from a company that has proven to be the same.




  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability