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Basic Description of item:

This 3-section adjustable Master’s Sherpa telescoping ski/trekking pole is lightweight and versatile, designed to stand the rigors of the toughest terrain. Built for the extreme these poles will provide extra cushion for your knees while out facing the demands and packing heavy loads in the backcountry.

Just the Facts:

Master’s Sherpa Trekking Pole was designed for their professional series and is made of very strong 7075 T6 F56 diameter Alu. Built to telescope in length from 64-145 centimeters the Sherpa features a T7 dual density grip with automatic adjustable straps that gives you optimal fit every time. The Auto Adjust Strap will also break away in the event of a fall to avoid wrist injuries. Master’s locking super blocking system (SBS) adjusts easily, enabling quick adjustments for the changing terrain you may encounter while out on the mountain. The Sherpa trekking poles come with the RBS long carbide tip (patented) and 2 baskets that allow greater possibility to switch to two different baskets dimensions (95 cm or 55 cm) according to the use and terrain conditions you are in. Included with the package is a rubber tip protector with a BONUS that includes a small key holder with the carabineer shape and with a hangtag “made in Italy” that certifies the quality of MASTERS products.

MASTERS, the company was started in the 1970’s with accessories for ski poles and was supplying the largest producers in the world. During the early 80’s, it began production of ski poles (alpine and cross-country) and after a few years, trekking poles production also became part of the Masters business.  Now MASTERS is one of the largest producers of this range of sporting goods worldwide.
All MASTERS’ products – Made in Italy – have a high standard of material quality and innovation: they are projected to obtain best results in all the different conditions. Masters’ patented technologies such as RBS (Replacement Basket System) or SBS (Super Blocking System), Kompressor Antishock System, Adjustable Strap System, and many others are the reliable details used in the production of MASTERS’ poles.

I spend an incredible amount of time “out on the mountain” each year field testing gear, exploring new country, and scouting for desert big horn sheep. My passion inevitably charts a course that leads me into some of the roughest terrain in North America. In my younger days I never saw a use for trekking poles but once I discovered how beneficial they were I won’t “leave home without them.” Trekking poles have become an integral component of my mandatory outdoor gear list. There have been several years where I have basically destroyed complete sets of trekking poles so I’m always looking for a product that will hold up to my abuse. Several months ago, after field testing a pair of boots for Crispi North American, Mr. Miles Munger, their manager, sent me a set of Master’s Sherpa Trekking Poles to try out. I have found the Sherpa’s to be “extreme poles” that were developed to hold up when hiking with a very heavy backpack. So far, they have stood up to every trial that I have put them through. Not only have these poles did a great job of distributing the weight of the heavy packs I carry but they have also helped with maintaining balance and stability in difficult terrain, deep snow, or while crossing or wading a swiftly moving river.
In my mind there is no doubt that this trekking pole has helped reduce the impact on my knees, hips, ankle joints and lower back but also decrease the chances of stumbling or falling. Research has proven that trekking poles such as the Sherpa can reduce the strain on knees and legs by 25%. In my opinion, when we are “out on the mountain” our bodies and muscles need every advantage we can give them.
I’ve used the Sherpa as a quick monopod for glassing by simply dropping to both knees, wedging the tip into the rocks or ground, and setting my 15 x 56 Swarovski optics on top of the handle to maintain stability. When hiking in rocky terrain known to be a sanctuary for western diamondback rattlesnakes I used these poles extensively to probe in front of me to ensure that I don’t surprise one of these potentially dangerous pit vipers. I’ve even utilized the Sherpa to brace my backpack so I don’t have to lay it down in muddy weather. Another way I use my trekking pole is to help pull my partners up over the lips of ledges.
MASTERS ergonomic dual density grips have provided my fingers and hands with great support. I also found their adjustable straps fit perfectly. I can adjust their SBS super locking system without stopping when needed which is very important to me while moving through uneven terrain. With trekking poles it is always very important to really tighten the telescoping sections as I don’t like the poles to shorten while I’m putting lots of torque on them while climbing under a heavy load. I’ve also found that these sections can be shortened enough in length to strap on to my pack when needed or to fit into the quad trunk when riding on a 4-wheeler.
You will pay around $120 dollars for a set of the Sherpa’s. This is an excellent price for the quality of the product in comparison to other well known companies that produce trekking poles. I highly recommend the purchase of these poles to anyone.

What They Could Do Better:
Great trekking poles. MASTERS might look at designing the Sherpa’s just a little lighter if this change doesn’t reduce their strength.

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