Freesole Urethane formula shoe repair.

Editor: Cameron

Basic Description

Freesole is a urethane shoe repair product that acts like rubber and can be used for a wide array of boot repairs.  It can be used for repairing a separated sole, ripped stitches, minor holes or deep cuts and even can make toe caps for your boots.

It Comes in a very small squeeze tube and is applied with a toothpick or small brush.


When I look to buy a pair of boots I always try and get a pair that has a rubber rand and a generous toe cap on them.  I like the added protection on these areas, so I don’t wear my leather out too quickly.  I had an old pair of boots that did not have these features on them and were starting to really get worn down on the toe cap and a good boot wax wasn’t cutting it.  I knew these boots wouldn’t last too much longer if I didn’t fix them.  My dad also was having this problem with some Danner Pronghorns he wears for work every day.  He always seems to go through 2 pairs a year and the part that fails is the toe area. (He works in landscaping and is on his knees on concrete a lot and always scuffs the toe area of his boots.) If it weren’t for this he could easily get another year out of his boots.


I started researching ways to help prevent this and extend the life of our boots.  I ran across a company called McNett.  They not only have Freesole that fixed my problem but they have an entire line of care products for the outdoorsman.  They have everything from boot care, to tent and gear repair and a wide array of technical garment care products.  I have been using their boot care products and I am very impressed with them.  But the Freesole product is what I am really impressed with.  It cost hardly anything and can save you a lot of money by repairing your favorite pair of boots.  If you have some stitching that gets cut and is unraveling; just put some Freesole on the seam and you’re good as new.  Or in my case I saved two pairs of boots from getting thrown away in a few months by making my own toe cap. No more taking your favorite pair of boots to get repaired and paying big bucks and no more getting rid of a good pair of boots because the leather is too worn or a few stitches are frayed.

I highly recommend Freesole for anyone who is an avid hunter or boot wearer in general.  This stuff is very durable when hardened and can save you big money, or at least delay having to drop $300 on a pair of hunting boots.

McNett Freesole Boot Repair Glue Review
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