Enlightened Equipment Revelation Pro 20F Down Quilt Review

Basic Description of Item:
Every once in a while you find an idea that is so crisp, so new, so different in its promise and in its delivery that you just have to stand up and shout it out. That’s where I am today as I write a review for the Englightened Equipment Revelation Pro 20F down quilt.
The quilts are built to specifications here in the US—Minnesota to be exact. The fill is gray goose down that comes from Europe—and is then organized and arranged into a baffled pattern that performs at a high level to ensure you get the most out of the down’s insulating properties.

Just the Facts:
Here are the specs:
• 850fp Down
• Partially Zippered Footbox
• Super-adaptable Ultralight Quilt
• Can be ordered in a variety of colors and sizes, customizable to your order.
• Quilt comes with:
o Silnylon Stuff Sack (.3oz-.8oz)
o Breathable Nylon Storage sack
o Elastic Straps x2 (0.4oz each – One Straight, One Loop)
• Price range is $350-400, as tested and reviewed.

My Story:
When I ordered my goose-down quilt from Enlightened Equipment, I had the percolating idea that this could be a game changer for me. I’m delighted to report that I was right. If you are an outdoorsman and you hunt, fish, hike, backpack, kayak, climb, explore, etc., and ever find yourself concerned with your total weight coming and going, then remember this day because you’re about to get the tip of a lifetime.
Get an Enlightened Equipment lightweight down quilt. Do it now. You won’t regret the decision. If you love to sleep in a hammock but always get cold doing it, then they have a solution for that as well. There are always qualifying criteria—I will walk you through that. But coming from a guy that packs it in and packs it out regularly, this is a lightning bolt

I ordered my quilt with the wide and long options, and with the 20D exterior, which adds overall strength and durability. As configured, my quilt weighed in at under 2 lbs. It compressed into a little ball not a lot bigger than a Nalgene bottle. I hoofed it 60 miles in 5 days and I was giddy every afternoon when I pulled this 23.25 oz quilt out of my pack.
I am delighted with the performance of this quilt. Hats off to Enlightened Equipment for evaluating the market and getting it right. Tim Marshall and all the folks at Enlightened equipment have high-performing products, whether quilts, underquilts for hammock users, or clothing. This little quilt has wormed its way into my life and will be my go-to sleeping covering of choice for most 3-season camping circumstances. There are no accolades to convey the satisfaction in having a sleeping bag (quilt) so small that its backpack footprint was a nonfactor and yet I slept in comfort every night without a dread of the elements.

Best Hunting and back packing down quilt
Best Hunting and back packing down quilt

It’s a Different Model
It may spook you a little to think of being in the mountains with just a lightweight quilt, especially as the seasons turn colder. Enlightened Equipment helps out by providing a wealth of information online in their FAQ section. But the Cliff Notes on using this quilt are to make sure you cover your head to prevent heat loss, use a pad with a decent R factor (has insular value) and make sure you wear a weather-appropriate base layer.
The elastic straps are adjustable and designed to go under your sleeping pad. By tightening or loosening the straps you determine how tight the quilt conforms to your body. The tighter and closer the quilt is to your body, the more heat it traps and the more toasty and warm you will be.
If, like me, you get a 20F quilt and intend to use it in 20F weather, be sure the other considerations mentioned above are in place. Don’t expect this quilt to do miracles for you. Follow the guidelines. I felt a noticeable difference between using this quilt in the open and inside of a tent. In temperatures that ranged in the mid 30s, I was comfortable either way, but adjusted the straps to keep the quilt tight around me when I was in the open air. I loosened the straps and actually created open space because I got too hot when in the tent.

What they could do better:
They NAILED IT, buy one today!

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability