Phone Skope Digi Scope adapter for phone Review

Basic Description of Item
Take pictures and videos from your smartphone and share them with your friends. Video chat with your friends and show them exactly what you are looking at in real time.

Just the Facts:
This 2 Piece C-2 iPhone 5 Case is constructed with solid pieces to give you the endurance to capture anything that comes your way! With the iPhone 5 Kit we take the guess work out for you, so its a simple plug and play setup! We at Phone Skope have put them to the test, rain or shine they will impress you with crystal HD video!

The setup is very simple, just slide iPhone in, attach a proper sized C-3 optic adapter, twist lock the two together and slide onto optic. Once you have accomplished this your possibilities are endless.

Did we mention that you can video chat with your friends? From virtually anywhere they can be looking through your spotting scope the same time you are in REAL TIME!

The Story

BUY ONE! I usually do not start out a review with that bold of a statement, but this product is just flat cool, and it works.

I have been using the PhoneSkope on my Swarovski 20-60 by 65 for several months now, and have learned to love it.

I first used the adapter to attach my Samsung Galaxy S3 to the Swarovski spotting scope during a gun site in event.


200 yard site in photo

I went out to 200 yards and focused the spotting scope on the target. I then quickly and easily attached the phone skope and my Samsung Galaxy to the scope. EASY! I decided that looking on the phone screen, to see my shots, was just as easy as looking through the eyepiece.
I kept the phone attached all during the site in process! I took photos, took some video, shot off a text to a friend, it was awesome!

My next adventure, was an ongoing scouting trip for Ducks, yes Ducks. I have an office that overlooks my favorite duck hunting lair. I have spent a good amount of time, DURING LUNCH, looking out at the marsh and assessing the hunting opportunities.
I regularly bring folks into my office and say, wow, look at the amount of ducks out there today.
NOW, I send them an email or text with a photo taken via my cell, and the Phone Skope. You have to admit this is cool, functional, and easy.

I also use the phone skope on all of my big game scouting trips. I always pack a phone, now I just have to pack the very light weight adapter and wahlla..I am taking photos and sharing them immediately.

Recently I packed into a remote area in Idaho. We were 5 miles from the nearest road, in a designated wilderness area, REMOTE. I was able to snap a few photos with my phone, as I snapped them I noticed, I HAVE A SIGNAL, unreal. I quickly send the photos to a couple of friends so we could discuss what I was seeing.

I have loved using the Phone Skope, I highly recommend it for anyone that always packs a phone.

In summary:
-The phone skope is easy to use and can be ordered for most popular phones
-I always pack my phone, so now I do not need to pack a small camera
-I can interact with others most of the time, with my photos, signal permitting
-It is less expensive than other options
-It is easier to use than almost all other Digi Scope adapters
-It utilizes what I already have, a PHONE

What could they do better:
The C4 kit is a nice improvement. I did have some snugness issues with mine, and had to do a little tweaking to get a good shot.

Phone Skope Review Phone Digi Scope adapter
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