Columbia ® Gallatin Range™ Wool Pants Review

Editor: Mike

 Just the Facts
  • Heavyweight wool/synthetic blend
  • Two side pockets, two cargo pockets and two rear pockets
  • Reinforced knee pads and seat
Two side entry pockets, two large-capacity storage pockets on the thighs and two button-close rear pockets provide ample capacity for all your hunting necessities. Reinforced quilted knee pads and seat provide extra padding and protect these areas from wear. Inside waist suspender buttons and belt loops. Dry-clean only. Imported.
Even waist sizes: 32-46.
Camo pattern: Brown Camo.

I have LONG, ok, I am old, been a fan of Wool Pants when hunting late in the year. I love how well they perform, not so much in cold, but in cold plus snow.

I own several pair of wool pants: Woolrich, Pendleton, Soviet Army Surplus Pants, and a pair of Columbia Gallatin Range Pants. Each of these pair are similar, but have unique features, and unique types of wool.

Last year on a late Cow Elk Hunt in Utah, I decided to use the Columbia Pants. Here is how they performed:

I found the pants to be very very warm, I waded in snow that was almost waist deep at times, and almost always knee deep. Wool is outstanding for this situation, as it does not absorb high levels of moisture, and even when it does, it maintains insulation value. Fortunately this was light fluffy snow, so for the most part the  moisture was not an issue. This pair of wool pants did tend to grab snow and keep it on the pants more than others I have worn. This was due to the large weave of the fabric vs other brands.
The Columbia wool pants were not only warm, but comfortable. They have a very over sized cut, that allows for great leg movement with little binding.
These pants are not short on material, these pants are THICK, while this keeps you warm, it also makes the pants VERY HEAVY, the heaviest pair I own.
I believe these pants will last pretty well, but not as well as some of the expensive brands like: Pedleton, Filson, etc. I would make sure that if you use these pants extensively, you have access to a good sewing machine, as I think you are going to loose some belt loops and wear some holes in them.

As I mentioned early on, I love wool pants for late snow hunts, in my opinion nothing really compares.
The Gallatin by Columbia are a good choice of pants, not the best, but a good choice. Plan on them filling up your duffle bag or drawer, because they are HUGE. But Huge brings warmth and comfort. If I had only $90 or less to spend on a pair of wool pants, I would consider the Columbia Wool Pants.

What they could do better:
The button keeps coming undone, fix the stitching around it, or put in a hook latch
Use a tighter weave

Columbia ® Gallatin Range™ Wool Pants Review
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  • Durability