KUIU Attack Pant Review

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Just the Facts:
Technical Features
• Toray 225g/m2 4-Way Double Weave Stretch Woven Fabric
• Toray Kudos DWR
• 18.5 Ounces
• Mid-weight
• Durable

• Made by Tamoda Apparel in Vancouver, British Columbia
• DWR finish (Durable Water Repellent) helps bead water from fabric surface

• Anatomical shaping for fit and comfort when climbing
• Gusseted crotch
• Articulated knees

Pocket Configuration
• Two thigh pockets #3 YKK zip
• Two hand pockets
• Two rear pockets #3 YKK zip

Zipper & Fly Configuration
• Front Fly #3 YKK Zip two zipper heads

Waist & Belt Configuration
• Web & Bar-tacked PU-button
• Belt Loops-double bar-tack

Inseam Length (inches)
• 35″


I have been wearing the Attack Pants by KUIU on Hunting, hiking, fishing, and back packing trips for about 1 year now. I have worn the pants in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. I have worn them in Snow, Rain, Sun, heat, and cold. So, I would say they have been tested and I have an understanding of what these pants are and how they perform.

If you were to look at the my year old pants today you would say, that pair of pants looks basically new, ok other than the hole I burnt in the knee while talking around the campfire on the Boulder Mountains of Utah.

There are several companies that have been trying to make technical hunting clothes. I will not list them here, but will mention that KUIU seems to be doing the best job of it. Several other manufacturers do a good job, but are a little off.KUIU uses outstanding material. The fabric is durable, breathable, slightly water resistant, and very importantly it moves with your body.

KUIU utilizes a material called Toray Double Stretch Woven fabric. This material stretches in every direction, given the wearer an feeling of no binding when walking and hiking.

I often let people try on my KUIU pants, and when they walk around in them, the comment is ALWAYS! I feel like I am naked. While this can leave a disturbing image in your mind, it does point out that these pants have very few equals when it comes to comfort.

There is extra layers of fabric in every place that it is important, knees, and butt. The zippers are outstanding, and can easily be worked with 1 hand. The pockets are deep and secure any items stowed in them. KUIU has really made an outstanding pant, that should last a guy several years.

The pants are very light weight, and are a good choice for multiple day pack in trips.

KUIU makes this pant at a great price point compared to the Hunting Pant competition.

So, nice job KUIU. I love the Attack Pants! They are my first choice when I head to the hills in any weather.

What they could do better:

Put a THESE WILL MELT warning on them. LOL

Kuiu Attack Pant Review
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  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability