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TrekSta Alta GTX

Editor: Jacob

Basic Description of Item:

Light weight waterproof hiking boots

Just the Facts:

Lace up the TrekSta Alta GTX and go tame a trail. With a lugged HyperGrip outsole featuring IceLock technology, this Gore-Tex waterproof hiking boot provides sure footing on any surface, and the unique nestFIT design gives you the long-lasting support and comfort you’ve come to expect from TrekSta. Pick the adventure, and the Alta GTX will get you there and back.

NestFIT system cradles your feet, accounting for every contour as it follows the natural flow and design of the foot. Upper, insole, midsole, and outsole come together like never before.

HyperGrip/IceLock sole provides traction in any condition.

Lightweight, variable-density Zero-Gravity™ EVA midsole joins the sole and insole to create a a supportive whole.

Triple-density EVA insole supports the arch, cushions key strike zones, and strengthens your stride.

Molded leather heel system for superior lateral support.

Full-length nylon shank between the insole and midsole protects your feet from roots and rocks.

Gore-Tex Extended Comfort waterproof/breathable membrane keeps your feet dry and comfortable in varying weather.


TrekSta Men’s Alta GTX

I received these to test just the other day and wasted no time getting them into the field. It is shed hunting season after all. I live in Western Colorado in a High desert area with very steep mountains covered in cactus, jagged sharp rocks, and loose shale. It is absolutely mandatory to have good boots when blazing trail.

I was a little concerned with taking these out with not breaking them in first. I wore a 30 lb pack, Fits light wool socks, and temps ran low 70‘s. I wouldn’t have done this if it was closer to hunting season. Plus, they seemed too light to offer much ankle support. These concerns quickly vanished after the first big scramble up a nasty slide.

The first thing I noticed was the support. These boots have a solid heel pocket that provides great ankle support and no movement inside the boot. The full-length nylon shank aids in climbing and preventing foot bruising. The tread was also excellent while digging into decomposed shale and loose rock. I played around in a stream and noticed a little better then normal traction on slick river rock due possibly to the “Icelock” tread. They embedded glass filament into the tread to enhance traction on ice. It feels sorta like sand paper. These boots felt more like a heavy hiking boot but at half the weight.

After 5 hrs of breaking trail looking for sheds. I was completely sold on these boots. They felt like a well broken in backpacking boot. The NestFit system is solid. The TrekSta Alta GTX provides great lateral support and traction anywhere. Yet, they are light and very breathable. These boots will make for great backpacking, shed hunting, or early season hunting trips. Add gaiters and heavier socks and you can extend these to even more uses.

I have a normal size foot and these were true to size. They were the first boots I have worn where I haven’t felt like I needed to switch out the insoles. However, I might play around with that just for kicks. The Alta GTX boots are very comfortable, and I highly recommend them. Size 11 Med, weighted in at 2 lbs 14oz for the pair. *note most boots posted weight is for a size 9.

What they could do better:

Durability is my only concern. I’ll post updates below throughout the summer.

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  1. Any updates on these boots since April?

  2. Cliff, I just wrote a 1 year update on these. I know a lot of people claim to be rough on gear. I hike in a lot of very steep, rocky, nasty country off trail. They have finally taken a turn down hill. I have busted out the stitches and foot bed. They weren’t designed for this type of abuse and held up well the first year but that’s it. For more traditional type hiking they would be great and last much longer.

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