Radland Mid Waterproof Merrell Boot Review

[rating: 3/5]

Would I recommend to friend: Yes

Very comfortable with no break in.

Sole has great traction, stuck to slick rock like glue

Price 110-140 is not bad

Looks, they are a good looking boot

Not as waterproof as stated

Sole is separating from the boot after 1 year of HARD use


I used these boot for late fall, spring, and summer hikes. They were mainly worn in the slick rock of southern Utah.  I wore good wicking socks with them, that seemed to really keep the moisture off of my feet (it was over 100 on several hikes)

I then used them on a Desert sheep hunt. Hiking on uneven, steep and rocky terrain. They handled this very well. They stuck to this terrain like glue. I would recommend them for hiking on slick rock where traction is vital.

I did have a broken toe during this hunt, and for some reason the boot just felt great to have on. They really gave me support and comfort.

I do think these are 1 season boot, not going to last multiple years of hard use.

What they could do better:
Better waterproofing

Figure out a way to keep the sole from separating.

Radland Mid Waterproof Merrell Boot Review
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