Title: Irish Setter Elk Tracker Boots Water Proof & Insulated

Editor: Tyson

Basic Description:

Waterproof Insulated hunting boots

Just the Facts:

Height: 12 inch

Insulation: 200 Gram Thinsulate

Construction: Premium Leather Welt



I have owned this pair of boots for about 4 years now. This model of boot will come in 4 different thinsulate ranges.  Non-insulated, 200 gram, 600 gram and 1000 gram thinsulate.  I have the 200 grame thinsulate model.

This boot has been a very comfortable boot for me. It has given me great ankle support over the years. It is also held up well to anything I’ve thrown at it, from rugged rocky mountains, to the dry desert sage that can be pretty brutal on a pair of boots.

The weight of these boots have been a little of a concern to me. At just over 4lb they seem a bit  on the heavy side. At this  weight and 200 grams insulattion,  I would have to say they are a 3 season boot, three season, meaning spring, fall and winter.  They are just too heavy and hot for what I like to wear in the summer.

Over all the elk tracker boots have been a great boot that held up to the rugged mountain terrain to the dry dessert sage. One of the things I would like to see improved, is the support around the ankle area. They have good ankle support. It just seems to be a little thin on the padding which causes the leather to crease and will start to put pressure on the ankle area. If they put a little more padding around that area I think it would help that issue.

What they could do better:

More padding around the ankle area

Lighter design without compromising quality

Irish Setter Elk Tracker Boot Review
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