Killik Women’s Alpine Reversible Jacket

Editor: Kate Small

Just the facts:
Killik Women’s Alpine Reversible Jacket. Reversible from Killik K1 camo to solid (choice of black or gray).
• High-quality screen-printed logo
• Branded elastic cuff binding
• Soft tricot zipper guard
• Reverse coil zippers
• Articulated elbows
• Waist toggle
• Full Zip
• Insulated

Kate Small Killik
Kate Small Killik

This jacket is covered by the Killik Guarantee. In which they promise that, aside from normal wear and tear, their gear will not fail. If the product does not live up to these standards, the customer can return the product to the retailer and the item will be replaced or repaired free of cost.

My story:
I’m quite picky when it comes to hunting and fishing gear. Being in the backcountry often, whether it is summer scouting trips or mid-winter hunts, I’ve found the gear you use can make or break a trip and even determine the miles you go and length of time you stay out.
Upon receiving the Alpine jacket, and never having the opportunity to use Killik gear before, I did not know what to expect or in what capacity this jacket was to be used. Initially, I was surprised at how lightweight the jacket was. While I could not find an exact weight on their website, it was easy to tell it is lighter than any other jacket I have ever tested or owned. The next characteristic to catch my attention was the sleek look of the jacket and the versatility of being able to switch from the solid black to Killik’s coveted K1 camo pattern. With this particular jacket’s camo color being variations of gray, I knew I most likely would not be using it to hunt and this would be either a scouting, fishing or casual use jacket for me.
Once I put the Alpine jacket on, I noticed that the material used was quite noisy with any movement which has deterred me from using it to scout animals. I found with this jacket the best capacity to use it in was fishing, hiking and casual use. I wore this jacket fishing in varying temperatures from 35 degrees to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Although, it is stated that this jacket is insulated, I could not find any information on which type of insulation was used and the amount of insulation used. For me, wearing this jacket in temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, I discovered I became cold relatively quickly. To be fair, I believe this jacket is made for warmer temperatures and it was an absolute dream in conditions above 45 degrees with no precipitation. The flexibility of this jacket made activities easy and comfortable. I was able to cast and net fish without feeling restricted in my movements.
On one of our nicer days in Boise, Idaho I wore this jacket on a mild, three mile hike in 50 degree weather and was surprised at the breathability the Alpine jacket provided. I don’t sweat much as it is, but in that temperature with that level of exertion, I was impressed with its performance. This jacket kept me at an even keeled temperature throughout the hike.

In summary, the Killik Alpine Reversible Jacket is well designed for what I believe it is purposed for: light activity in mild weather conditions.

What they could do better:
The only aspect I would change on this jacket is to suggest they make it water-resistant to increase usability in varying conditions.

1-5 rating:
Overall: 4
Functionality: 4
Value: 3
Durability: 3

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability