Kenetrek Terrane 2 boot review

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Basic Description of item:

Kenetrek Terrane 2 boots are, according to the Company, “an extreme level boot at an entry level price”. Built to provide warmth and comfort in mountainous terrain, the boot has extra padding and a special flex-notch upper design that cradles your foot. Terrane 2 boots are constructed with a one-piece vamp of 2.8mm premium grain leather and heavy-duty Eurosole Everest outsoles for durability and traction.


Just the Facts:

– 8” Tall
– 4 lbs per pair
– Reinforced double and triple stitching in high wear areas
– 7mm nylon midsoles for extra support in rough terrain
– Windtex waterproof and breathable membrane
– 400 grams of Thinsulate™ insulation
– Durable high traction Eurosole Everest outsoles with reinforced rubber toe guards
– Men’s sizes (whole and half) and medium (8-12, 13,14)
– MSRP $310

The Story:
It is probably a fair assumption to say that if you are reading this, then you care about the equipment you purchase and the value proposition of your gear purchases. After all, the reason you frequent a site like is because you are performing your due diligence in an effort to get equipment that performs and does so at a price that makes sense.
When it comes to backcountry outdoor gear, your boots may just be your most important piece of equipment. Everything we do in the backcountry starts and stops with our feet (excluding horseback enthusiasts, of course). A bad pair of boots can make for a miserable backcountry experience, or cut short the hunt of a lifetime. Over the years, I have learned the worth of a good pair of boots, but I still gag a little when trying to digest the prices of some the high-end boots. After a mountain goat hunt that had shredded by old boots and left me with a case of plantar fasciitis, I was reminded of the value of a good pair of boots and started looking for a new pair.
When Mike Radford of told me Kennetrek was offering an extreme level boot, at a price that was not extreme enough to induce nausea, I was excited to put the boot to the test. Kennetrek has earned a reputation as one of the finest boot companies on the planet, which meant that a Kennetrek boot at $310 MSRP was a great value, or that the Company had lowered its standards.
With my son’s late-season cow elk hunt around the corner, I ordered a pair of Terrane 2 boots from Kennetrek and awaited their arrival. The service was excellent and the boots arrived on schedule. My first impression, before putting them on, was very favorable. Like other Kennetrek boots, the Terrane 2 is extremely well constructed and has great aesthetics. Aesthetics may be just a bonus, but durability is not. A boot that is designed to carry hunters/backpackers into mountainous terrain must be durable.
The elk hunt proved to be a good test of the boot’s performance. A lack of deep snow allowed the elk to stay high, while hunting pressure had the elk holed out in some of the steepest and most inaccessible areas to be found in our hunting unit. A hunting unit which happens to have some of the most wicked elk country to be found anywhere.
After glassing up several herds of elk in locations that offered no chances for a stalk, we located a herd of elk in a difficult, but “doable” location. While plotting our strategy, we were approached by another group of hunters. My son’s blaze orange gave us away and the hunters asked, “where they at”? We pointed out the herd we were watching and seeing where the herd was located, one of the hunters said, “you can have em”. With the other hunter’s “permission”, we started what amounted to a four hour climb up loose slate and talus slopes covered in snow and ice. If the steep ground and slippery terrain were not enough, we had to break through snow drifts and bushwhack through some nasty oak brush before we were finally in position for a 300 yard shot, which put an end to the “hunt”.
While the actual hunt may have been over with the shot, the boot test was just getting started. With darkness upon us, and a difficult and dangerous hike out, we decided that prudence dictated we leave the elk on the mountain and come back at day light. The hike out consisted of some difficult side-hilling and more loose rock, snow and ice, etc. Gratefully, we were able to recruit the help of some hard-core hunters and exceptionally helpful friends the next day. With the help of our friends, we were able to get the elk out before a new storm hit that night.
At the end of what amounted to two days of tough climbing and difficult ascents with heavy loads over unforgiving terrain, I had developed a love affair with the Kennetrek Terrane 2 boots. Coupled with a pair of gaiters, my feet stayed dry and warm the entire time. Traction proved to be very good and what is more, my plantar fasciitis had not flared back up, despite the pounding I had put on my feet.
What constitutes an “entry level” price may be debatable, but at an MSRP of $310, there is no debating the value of this boot. The Terrane 2 offers exceptional durability, support, comfort, traction, warmth and water proofing. I have high arches and consequently require a bit of extra ankle and arch support. If a boot can endure the conditions I put the Terrane 2 through on the elk hunt, leave my feet and ankles comfortable, warm and dry, I have no reservations in recommending it to fellow outdoorsman who diligently seek out high performance at a value proposition. In warmer weather the 400 grams of insulation may prove a bit much, but the boots do breathe well. I would love to see the boot offered in a 200 gram Thinsulate™ version for scouting and early season hunts.

What they could do better:

This is a great boot, no real fixes needed at this point to report

Kenetrek Terrane 2 boot review
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