ALPEN OPTICS Teton 10×50 & 10×42 ED HD Binocular

Editor: Cory McLaughlin

Just the Facts:

Model Number 80 ED HD 83 ED HD 87 ED HD
Description 10X42 10X50 15X50
Magnification 10X 10X 15X
Objective 42mm 50mm 50mm
Focus System Center Center Center
Prism Type Roof Roof Roof
F.O.V. ( 315 262 200
Exit Pupil 4.2mm 5.0mm 3.3mm
Eye Relief 16mm 20mm 16mm
Close Focus 5 9 13
Lens Coating UBX™ Fully
Multi-coated UBX™ Fully
Multi-coated UBX™ Fully
PXA Phase Coated Yes Yes Yes
HR Prism Metallic Coated Yes Yes Yes
Net Weight (oz.) 22 28 28
Type of Neckstrap Premium Extra Wide Premium Extra Wide Premium Extra Wide
Tripod Adaptable Yes Yes Yes
Prism Material BAK4 BAK4 BAK4
Waterproof / Fogproof Yes Yes Yes
Type of Case Premium Leatherette Premium Leatherette Premium Leatherette
Eye Cups Twist Lock Twist Lock Twist Lock

alpen binocular review

Basic Description from Alpen:

The Teton™ binocular series delivers incredible optical performance in a lightweight yet durable body design. With ED (extra low dispersion) and HD (high definition) optical design, Teton delivers a bright and sharp viewing with true color fidelity at an affordable price. Our exclusive PXA™ phase coating and SHR™ metallic coating on BAK4 glass is featured for an exquisitely bright and crisp image. The composite body design provides light weight, yet durable, performance for years of field tough performance. Compare Alpen to competitors that cost two or three times more, you won’t believe your eyes.

Our exclusive PXA™ phase coating and SHR™ metallic coating on BAK4 glass is featured for an exquisitely bright and crisp image. The composite body design provides light weight, yet durable, performance for years of field tough performance. Compare Alpen to competitors that cost two or three times more, you won’t believe your eyes.

My Story:

When it comes to optics Alpen is not one of the companies that shoots to the front of most people’s minds. Well, let’s just change that right now. Alpen optics have been around since 1997. When I was just a poor young college student in the spring of 2002 I was in need of a spotting scope. I settled on an Alpen kit that came with a scope, window mount, hard and soft case, and a small table tripod. Why did I choose Alpen? It was simple. That was the best scope I could afford at the time. It was my companion on many hunts and for many years. When I started my career and could afford some of the big name brands I expanded out. It was by chance that I would find myself looking back into Alpen. That trusty old Alpen scope had been through the ringer and at some point a small piece of the lens coating flecked off. I decided on a whim to send it back to Alpen and see what it would cost to have it repaired. Well, two weeks later I had a brand new scope on my door step. That is what customer service is supposed to look like. That is what a company standing by their product looks like. That is what put Alpen back on the map for me.
Obviously I am a writer. I have been blessed to be given the opportunity to write about the gear that fuels my greatest passion. In my quest to find and review fantastic gear my thoughts returned to my great experience with Alpen Optics so I reached out to them. We spoke several times and I was sent two pairs of the Alpen Teton HD binoculars to test and review. I received the 10x42mm and the 10x50mm versions of the Tetons to test them head to head. They come well packaged in a nice box with a soft leather case. As you would expect they come equipped with a neck strap and lens caps. All in all they look great.

alpen binocular review 1

My first test with the binoculars was up on one of my most trusted scouting spots. It overlooks one of my elk hunting areas and provides a clear view of nearly all the property. I was at the same time testing a small light weight tripod and so I took advantage of the Teton’s bipod capability and sat down to do some really intense glassing. I noticed right away that the glass was not only exceptionally clear is was also very bright. The HD glass brings out all the vibrant colors of the hills and makes picking out those small details a snap. Within the first few minutes I was in love with these glasses. Light was fading and peak movement time was soon upon me. Now was the time for the Teton’s to shine. Now was the time for them to prove themselves as worthy contenders in the world of high end optics.
Several animals moved up and down the rolling hills as I sat glassing. Movement to my left caught my eye and I turned to get a better position. It was so dark that it was hard to even see what it was. I pulled up the Teton’s and searched the mysterious dot on the far hillside. A respectable 6 point bull elk emerged as I tuned the focusing wheel. I took turns switching between the 42mm and the 50mm versions. In the end I came to one solid conclusion. This glass is fantastic. The 50mm glasses were just a bit brighter than the 42mm but all in all they both did great. The first trip out was a great success and I was eager to get back out and try again.
The next few weeks were a little rough for us Washingtonians. Fires are still burning as I type this review. The smoke has been absolutely awful and has made long distance glassing a bit of a chore. I was not be discouraged though and I got out to scout as often as I could. Through blinding smoke and fading light the Alpen Teton’s continue to amaze. Each trip I took turns swapping out the two different versions and found that though I prefer the 10×50’s because of the larger overall size. The 10×42’s are every bit as good I just like my glasses a little larger. The FOV is slightly less with the 50’s but to be honest you would have to be really be looking to find the difference. As I said above the 50’s do a little better job of collecting light which is to be expected of larger objectives. If weight and size were an issue that you were concerned about it would not be a huge sacrifice choosing the 42’s. Both sets have great fine focusing ability and great outside edge clarity. You really can’t go wrong here.

alpen binocular review 2

The Teton ED HD binoculars truly are a great set of optics from a great company that stands buy their product. The “No Blame, No Fault, No Problem, LIFETIME Warranty” is unarguably the best warranty you could ask for. Peace of mind is a great thing but judging by the sturdy construction and high quality materials that are used to make these great optics It is unlikely you will ever have to use it.
It is time to give Alpen Optics their due. It’s time they find their rightful place in the forefront of outdoorsman’s minds. It is time that we stop letting a price tag give a false sense of superiority. If you are looking for an affordable pair of HD binoculars with a warranty as fantastic as the quality of the optics themselves. Look no farther than Alpen Optics and the Teton Binoculars. Match the pair to whatever your needs or preferences are and get out in the field. Outdoorsman need to see, let Alpen Optics open your eyes.

alpen binocular review 3

I decided that I was going to stick with the 50MM version and after testing the, for the past few months on several hunts in multiple states I continue to be impressed. You will not regret a decision to become a proud owner of a pair of Alpen Tetons. Fine job Alpen.

What can be done better?

Honestly, I can’t find anything that needs to be done better. I am a big fan of the Tetons and I think they represent some of the best glass in their price range. I honestly feel that these are almost underpriced and would rank them above many others in much higher price ranges. I would highly recommend getting out there and taking a look. It will be money and time well spent.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability