Hydrolight™ | Multifunctional Water Bladder

By Cory McLaughlin

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Just the Facts:

In the past, our options for illumination in the wild have been limited…

  •  Campfire? Nice and toasty. Besides providing light, you’ve just set the tent on fire. A campfire is no use in a tent.
  •  Wear my headlamp? When I need a spotlight to rummage through my pack, I’ll put on my headlamp—but if you shine your headlamp in my eyes one more time, so help me God I will slap the lumens out of your light!
  •  Hang my headlamp? Listen, I want to enjoy the night, maybe sit back, read a book, or play a card game in good company. The hanging headlamp just won’t cut it.
  •  Bring a lantern? Nope. I’ve already got a million other things I need. I don’t need to remember anything else, weigh down my pack, or take up anymore space with single-purpose gear.
  •  What else? Solar-powered lanterns? Re-chargable lanterns? Turn off the lights and turn in for the day? Maybe! People love the security of light and enjoying every second of their adventure.

…And the list of lighting methods goes on and on and on. Most of which do NOT have multiple purposes.

After carrying more weight in the wild than we care to admit, We vowed to fix this problem with a reliable, versatile, and efficient solution that does not require breaking your back.

And so…the Hydrolight was born!

My Story:

Well, I am not really sure how to get super fancy about this so I’m not going to try. Do you drink water? Do you use light to see? Do you have both of those needs while out camping or backpacking? If the answer is yes to any of those questions you need a Hydrolight multi-function water bladder.

If you have ever used a headlamp you know how awesome they are. If you have ever been with a group of people with headlamps on you know that they can be a pain in the…. Well, eyes. It is incredibly difficult to look at somebody and have a conversation with them while you are looking into a 300 luman light bulb. So, what to do? Get a Hydrolight silly.

The Hydrolight allows you meet both traditional hydration bladder needs and traditional headlamp needs. When you get to camp and settle in for the night around the fire or in the tent this is the true time for Hydrolight to shine, seriously though. I like to play the old Cpt. Planet intro in my head which goes something like “When your powers combine!” now your individual pieces of gear make an amazingly functional lantern. This system provides sufficient lighting to see without blinding everyone you look at. It’s pretty freaking awesome!

How does the water flow? How does it taste? How hard is it to fill and clean? Yeah, I asked all the same questions myself and the answer is pretty simple. The Hydrolight functions flawlessly as a water bladder and cleans as easy as any other you have used. it can be turned inside out and put in the dishwasher too which is a really great feature! The very innovative integrated light pouch has nothing to do with the water holding or water flow capabilities and thus has no effect on those functions. The light pouch has unicorn magic and leprechaun powder with just a touch of tinker bell dust in it that helps turn your water into an all-powerful cosmic light display. Or it just hold your headlamp and it lights the night but it all amounts to the same thing so I’ll stick to the magic story. Also, think happy thoughts!

The bottom line is that this product works as advertised in all functions and is by all my accounts a great product. My daughter and I used it on an overnight trip and found it to be flawless. I have used the bladder on several day hikes and biking adventures and find it to be of the same quality as any other highly rated bladder. But… this one has magic, don’t forget about the magic, seriously it will brighten your day, um, or your night!

Please head to the Hydrolight KickStarter page and get yours today. I know this is not a typical review as we are trying to help get this thing of the ground but trust us when we say that you will not be sad about getting behind this great product. Also, remember, it has magic!


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What can be done better?

Nada. Simply love this product!



  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability