Snipe Pod Hunting and Shooting Bipod Review
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Basic Description:

Shooting bipod / hunting sticks

Just the Facts:

The gun mount is 7075-T6 aluminum.

The head unit on the legs as well as the ball socket retainers are
6065-T651 aluminum

The balls, and all moving components are 416SS

The 416SS balls riding in Delrin 150 adjustable polymer sockets.

The legs are from EASTON TECHNICAL PRODUCTS (the tent pole guys) and are
7075-T9 aluminum with a black anodized finish.

The SnipePod Elite can be stored on the firearm, under the barrel in a
traditional bipod location, or in a pocket.  Shooters choice!


I have read over and over, on several internet sites, how well the Snipe Pod by Kramer Designes performs. It seems to have a very loyal following. I  have never heard or read a negative comment about this shooting bipod.

I decided to put this bipod to the test, and will eventually compare it to several other popular shooting sticks, but for now I will focus on how I used it, and my thoughts.

I was immediatley impressed with the Snipepod upon  opening the package from Kramer designs. It is apparant that these guys are engineers, and good engineers.  The bipod is built well! It is light weight, has perfect machining, and looks great.

I followed the instructions and within a few minutes had the base attached to my 7mm. I then attached the bipod to the gun portion with ease! With the bipod base attached to the gun you can QUICKLY and EASILY attach the bipod to the gun. It is fast and easy in any hunting situation.

I took the gun and the bipod out to the shooting range, ok, up in the mountains. I wanted to check it out in real hunting situations. I wish I would have had it for hunting season. I started on the flat ground and scoped out good targets (rocks) that were level with me. I followed Kramer’s advice and used the sitting position. I was able to very very quickly attach the bipod and get on target. When I was on target it was ROCK solid, I mean ROCK solid.

I then positioned myself on a steep side hill, and practiced aquiring targets across the canyon, and above and below me.  The Snipepod worked perfectly. I was able to easily adjust the postion of my gun by extending the legs, or by moving it up or down hill. The gun stays solid, and I am able to move the gun on the ball joints side to side and some up and down.

It  makes a big difference having the bipod attached to the gun. It make for quick movement, and no worries as you adjust your body and position. With an un-attached bipod you have to pick it up to move, and have to worry about it falling over when adjusting your position. I was able to track whatever I wanted to track, in a panning motion with ease, again not worrying about a tip over or a bipod disconnect.

Finally when I was done shooting for the day, I detached the bipod by sliding the perfectly fit pin out of the lock position, folded up the legs, and put the small and lightweight device in my pack. When it is put away it is not noticable, both from a size and weight perspective. NICE.

I can now see why Kramer has such a loyal following.

In Summary:

This bipod is HIGH quality. It has all the features and functionality that you would ever want and more. It attaches quickly, it forms a solid tripod with your body that is rock solid. I will be using this on all of my guns this fall.



What they could do better:


Call it the Elkpod, or Deerpod (joke)


SnipePod Hunting Shooting Bipod Sticks Review by Kramer Des.
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability


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