Silynx Clarus Pro

Editor: Cory McLaughlin

Just the Facts:

The CLARUS PRO is a unique noise cancelling, hearing protection headset system designed to meet the needs of today’s active headset user! Silynx leveraged its combat proven technologies to defy the convention that electronic hearing protection must be big and bulky or small and fragile! CLARUS PRO is low-profile and environmentally ruggedized to withstand dirt, mud, water, shock, vibration, and any element that would overcome other headsets. Provides active hearing protection (NRR 25), hear-thru capability for situational awareness, and cellphone/mobile audio connectivity.

Hear-Thru System
Impulse Noise Protection
Extended Sound Localization
Five HTL Sound Enhancement Levels
IP Rating: IP67 1m for 30 min
Operating Temperature: -20°C to +55°C
Storage Temperature : -40°C to +72°C
Humidity : MIL-STD-810F
Mechanical Drop : MIL-STD-810G
Acoustical Response
Frequency Range: 60 – 15,000 Hz
Maximum Peak Output: >115dB
Receiver Type: Dual Balanced Armature Receiver
Microphone Type: Noise Cancelling Electret Microphone
Hearing Protection
SNR 30 NRR 25dB

My Story:
Remember the old Verizon commercial that asked “Can you hear me now?” Well, I know I do. Now that I am in my mid 30’s I’m starting to slowly understand the things that I once poked fun at my older family members about. One of those things is my hearing. Years and tens of thousands of rifle, pistol, shotgun, and various other ordnance have begun to take their toll on my hearing. This is especially evident in areas of high background noise. I just can’t hear like I used to and it has become a topic of great concern. As I am sure you all know once your hearing is gone you cannot get it back without help of expensive and oftentimes very inconvenient devices.
So why not use ear plugs? Why not protect your hearing? These are questions that I have been asked several times over the course of several years. My answer is as ironic as it is simple “I can’t hear!” How silly is that? The thing that will protect my hearing is also the reason I can’t hear. As a hunter, shooter, construction worker, factory worker, or any job or activity that subjects you to extremely high noise levels knows, you need to protect your hearing. The issue is that protecting your hearing is just as important as having the ability to hear while doing those activities.
Hear through ear plugs are not new. There are plenty of options out there in the world that allow you to hear and also protect you. Quality varies and in most cases it is a “get what you pay for” kind of deal. So this begs the question, how much is your hearing worth? Is it more beneficial to save a dollar on some cheap hearing protection that is of such low quality you will most likely not use it? I say no. If I am going to take the trouble to bring something into the field I want it to work.
I was lucky enough to be introduced to Silynx and the Clarus Pro. After playing around with the system in my home I was ready to test it out. I mean, if this is good enough for a Navy Seal it’s got to be good enough for a duck blind.

Sylex hunting ear protection

Unfortunately it was not duck season when I received the unit. So, I decided to take it to a job site and try it out around saws, impact drivers, and hammers. The results were amazing. I made it through and entire day without my ears ringing and without getting a headache from the constant pounding and screeching of loud tools.
My main focus and goal for this review was in the duck blinds and good pits. This fast paced style of hunting is not doing any favors to my hearing. Ducks careen in from the heavens and the shotgun shells cycle through our guns almost as fast as we can load them. It is not unusual to have 50-200 rounds fired in a hunt. Hunters in this sport are in extremely close proximity to each other and it stands to reason that it can be quite loud. I’ve long known this was bad for my ears but the risk/reward ratio was never tipped in such a way that I wanted to stop hunting.

sylex ear protection

Montana was the first testing ground for the Clarus Pro in the hunting application. The bitter cold of Big Sky County can most definitely provide some great testing grounds for any outdoor rated product. I used My Clarus Pro for 7 straight days of hunting and my ears have never been so thankful. One thing that I thought was simply amazing was the ability to operate a call. The Clarus Pro allow you to hear the notes while also blocking out the damaging high pitch sounds from duck and goose calls. It is a very refreshing feeling. Here is a picture from the river bank.

sylex ear protection

I continued to use the Clarus Pro throughout the season and enjoyed very high levels of success with it. There are a few things that I did find a bit cumbersome. The cord can sometimes become tangled in the hoods or collars of coats and shirts and can pull at the ears breaking the seal and forcing you to have to reset them. This is just the life of cords and so not something that I think can be necessarily changed aside from possibly adding a clip (now available). I did also find that there can be a bit of a squeal with the earbuds. I would notice this at the end of a person talking just as they finished a sentence I could hear a squeak. It was not a game changer but it did grow increasingly annoying as the season logged on. (Unit replaced and issue was not present in new unit).

sylex ear protection

I will admit that nothing is as good as sound with the naked ear but this system does a pretty darn good job. You might notice a weird sound as you walk almost as if there is water in your ears. This is an unavoidable side effect of having something in your ears and though it is better with the Clarus Pro than others I have tried it is something that you will notice. The clarity of voice and environmental sounds I very impressive with this system however and you will love how nice it is to carry on a conversation with your fellow hunters without feeling like you are underwater.
In the end I used this product for nearly 4 months strait on almost every weekend and even a few week long trips. I fired or was around thousands of rounds of ammunition of all types. I used the Clarus Pro at the range, in the field, and on the job site. This thing blocked out all the awful loud noises that have long vexed my tender ear drums. The bottom line is that they work and they save your ears. I would, and already have recommended them to several friends and anyone else who has asked. Do your ears a favor and give this system a try.

sylex pro ear protection

This picture shows us on an exceptional day. This was a double 8 man limit with 88 birds total. The Clarus Pro did wonders for my ears on this day!

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What can be done better?
Before this review went live I spoke with the great people at Silynx and they were very concerned to hear about the squeak issue I had. They immediately sent me out a new unit and included two clips for the cord. The new unit works wonderfully and I have to say that I absolutely love the clips. So I have to bump this rating up. I wanted to leave the note about this issues in the review on the off chance that somebody has a similar issue. It’s good to know that if there are any issues they will be taken care of by a company that stands by their product.
I found this product to work very well and I give it 5 stars.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability