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The 3-section Corklite Aergon SpeedLock trekking poles feature a revolutionary new locking system for unmatched strength, performance and convenience.




Just the Facts:

Leki’s new SpeedLock is a powerful external locking system that has been designed to activate quickly and easily. With other trekking poles it is impossible to adjust the length with gloves on but this new feature is much easier. The new Corklite Aergon features integrated, stainless-steel pressure plates that provide a viselike clamp to hold the pole sections in place. The poles are very lightweight, featuring grips with an edgeless shape and a rubberized, textured surface to maximize comfort and minimize hand fatigue when you are really pushing yourself for miles out in the field or on the mountain. Cor-tec is a blend of cork and polyester materials that offers a natural feel and durability without the use of any latex. Positive angle grips position your hands at a neutral, ergonomically correct 15° angle for optimal swing efficiency and stress relief. The aluminum alloy allows thin shaft walls that sacrifice nothing in strength, providing a 20% reduction in swing weight. 3-section telescoping poles extend from 26.4 to 53.1 inches with synthetic tips that can flex up to 30°, reducing stress to the pole shaft. Durable carbide tip ends grip ice and rocks and will stand up to the abrasive use you give them.




With my fall guiding season for desert bighorn sheep beginning in early September I took Leki’s Aergon Corklite trekking poles out into some of the roughest canyon country in southern Utah for a 3 month field test. I can honestly say that these poles were abused “under fire” as I used them extensively. Having had Tunnel Carpal surgery on my wrist last spring I found that the aergonomic bend featured in these poles truly takes a lot of pressure and fatigue out of your hands and wrists. The positive angle grips work extremey well in helping me retain a natural and comfortable position throughout the movement of use. I found the Aergon to be much lighter than my Leki Makalu’s so the effort to lift and swing these poles ahead of me was minimal. The Speedlock latch adjustment system was simple enough to tighten and adjust when I wanted to push and pull the poles from compact to an extended trekking or hiking position. The Aergon has a spot on the latch to use a screwdriver for tightening purposes which I didn’t like because it is not convenient to carry my leatherman around with a screwdriver on it to operate my trekking poles. In extending my Aergon out to the desired length that I like to use when hiking I found that the glide component was perhaps a little tight as they did not slide as easily as I would have preferred. This, however, wasn’t a big issue.

Although the Aergon Corklite held up well to my abuse for 3 months I did find that when I put a lot of my weight against these poles while bracing myself against a ledge in decending steep terrain I found that the aluminum shaft flexed more than I would like which made me a little nervous. I did enjoy the strap near the handle that allowed me to get a better, more secure fit which was very helpful. Overall, I found the Leki Aergon Corklite Speedlock poles to be efficient and easy to use. Plan on spending around $120 for the purchase of a pair.


For the type of terrain that I spend my time in I have found that trekking poles can be extremely beneficial. Besides the help they give me in climbing, with balance, or maneuvering down steep slopes, I have also used my Leki poles for a variety of uses such as a quick bipod to glass off of, to keep rattlesnakes at a safe distance, provide a hunter with leverage to pull themselves up with to propping my heavy backpack up when I’m in muddy or very sandy soil. I highly recommend the use of trekking poles if you plan on spending extended periods of time “out on the mountain.”


What They Could Do Better:


Strengthen the shaft so there is no flex when putting a lot of torque on your poles with all your weight.

Make the glide system a little easier when adjusting.

Leki Aergon Corklite Speedlock Trekking Poles Review
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