Aspect Solar Duo Flex Solar Panel and Battery Pack Review

Basic Description of Item:
Aspect Solar Panel, for back packing, hiking, camping and boating. Get a charge during the day, and then charge your device at night.
Great for 72 hour kit, backpacking kit, or home emergency kit.

Dual Configuration Solar Panel
Configure your solar panels however you want. Unfold them in a square and attach to the top of your backpack, lay them out flat on a dashboard, or strap them vertically to any pole or tent. When there’s limited space, make sure you get the most out of it with DUO-Flex.

Charge On The Go
The battery pack is fully removable for charging on the go. A full capacity battery pack can charge a smartphone up to three whole times without being attached to solar panels. Charge up over the weekend and keep the battery pack handy throughout the week for those moments when you need a boost. Four carabiners and an AC charger are included, to make sure you can power up no matter where you go.

Rugged Design
These aren’t dainty solar panels. The solar cells can be flexed slightly without danger of breakage. So feel free to leave then in the rain, or use the ring holes to hang or strap them. This is power that doesn’t quit so easily.

Just the Facts:

Battery Capacity 8000mAh, 32Wh LiPo
Solar Charge Time 10 Hours (Good Sun)
Rated Wattage 13W, Monocrystalline cells, efficiency rating 19%

Output of solar panel
(1 Socket) Micro USB (DC 5V 1.5A)

OUTPUTS from Battery pack
USB (2 Sockets) 5V 1.0A Max, 5V 2.0A Max
Charging Input USB Micro

Dimensions Packed: 13.4 x 8.3 x 0.8 in.
Deployed Vertical: 27.2 x 11.0 x 0.6 in.
Deployed Horizontal: 18.1 x 15.0 x 0.6 in.
Weight (w/ Battery) 1.5 lbs.
Best Operating Temp 0°C – 45°C, 32°F – 113°F

Editor: Mike


There are many reasons to keep a current charge when outdoors! There also are many reasons to be able charge from the resources we have available, and not be dependent on being on grid:)
We are now more than every before able to use cell phones in far away places. I am often amazed when I am on a high wilderness peak, and finding a good cell signal. This is sometimes not what I want, but certainly always makes the situation more SAFE!

The Duo Flex Solar Panel by Aspect Solar is a device that can be counted on to keep 1-3 devices charged daily even if no electrical outlet is available.

Here is what we found, and how we evaluated the Duo Flex Solar Panel:

We began our test by taking the Solar Panel out on a fishing trip.

I have a small aluminum boat that gets to see the water almost weekly in the spring and early summer.
I laid the solar panel across a bench in the boat, and tucked the battery pack in the neoprene pouch, safely out of harms way. The battery pack connects with a micro usb connnector. This connector is configured in such a way to allow the battery pack to be inside the neoprene pouch while connected, GREAT FEATURE!
I had a few splashes into the boat as I landed a few fish, but not to worry, the neoprene is water resistance, and the whole pack seems to be somewhat water repellent. GREAT FOR BOATING!

The Second set of tests came during 2 hiking trips in the Central Utah Mountains.

I strapped the solar panel to the outside of my pack with the provided 4 clips that attach to connecting points at each corner. I did not even notice the device on the pack.
I hiked for 2 days, and notice that it took about 2 days to get a full charge on the battery pack. This was due to the panel not being directly into the sun all of the time.
You could easily attach this to a tent, lay over a log, etc when you set up a base camp. In good weather the device easily charges the battery pack in the course of a day.

The third and final test came at home in the back yard :).
I placed the solar panel on the trampoline one day. On the next day I strapped it to the deck and had it hanging over the edge, and pointed at the sun, of course.
I found that in these ideal situation I could get a good full charge in 8-10 hours.
What is also pretty cool, is the fact that after 3 days of the battery pack not being connected to the solar panel, it still indicates it has a full charge.

So, how well does the battery pack charge my devices? In a word Fantastic!!
I connected my Samsung s5 via a USB to Micro USB connector, and was able to fully charge the device in about 2 hours. That is FAST. I then connected the battery to my Ipad, and was able to get a full charge from 30% up to 100% in a few hours. The battery pack still indicated it had 1/4 of a charge left. NICE!


-The solar panel is very well configured. It has a neoprene case for keeping cords, and the battery pack.
It has 4 good brass grommets in the corners that can be used to attach the device to anything via clips.
-The battery pack is very good, it charges as advertised, in about 8-12 hours.
-The battery pack keeps a charge, and charges 2 – 2 1/2 devices per charge.
-It is durable, and well designed, with good features that make a difference!

WELL DONE Aspect Solar. This is a device we will USE and USE. Great for the outdoors, and for home.

What they could do better:
-Send it with larger clips, they are hard to get on the corners.
-Get the weight down a little, it is not bad, but could be lighter for back packing.

Aspect Solar Duo Flex Solar Panel and Battery Pack Review
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