Backcountry Solutions Keyhole Camera and Binocular Carrier Review

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of item:
The KEYHOLE® SYSTEM is comprised of a set of shoulder straps (which incorporates a neck strap, distributing the camera or binocular weight across the shoulders rather than the neck) and a harness assembly (comprised of a keyhole shaped cut-out plate). A specially designed knob (for camera) or bracket assembly (for binoculars) screws into the tripod mount-hole, which in turn engages into the keyhole cut-out. This secures the camera or binoculars to your body and safely points the lens down rather than outward. The weight of the camera or binoculars rests in the keyhole cut-out, which further reduces the weight from your neck and prevents the optics from swinging. A tether strap attached to the keyhole shaped cut-out plate fastens to your camera lens cap to prevent lens creep and is also a lens cap keeper. To use the camera or binoculars, simply lift up on the device body, disengage the knob or bracket assembly from the keyhole cut-out plate and you are ‘ready’ for action.

Just the Facts:
Our KEYHOLE® SYSTEM for Cameras and Binoculars features:
• hand-free carry
• now for cameras and binoculars
• no camera or binocular swing
• comes with its own shoulder straps
• no hassle
• no neck fatigue
• always at the ready
• no need to remove knob for tripod use
• comfortable
• easy to use
• no need for neck strap
• eliminates lens cap creep
• provides lens cap keeper

My Story:
The Goblin Valley area in Utah is FULL of slot canyons, narrow scrambles, steep hikes, and Photo opportunities.
A camera is a must on this trip, and many other similar situations, HOWEVER!!! The opportunity to destroy a good SLR is high.
On my last trip to Goblin Valley I decided to check out the Backcountry Solutions Keyhole Camera carrier. I was so glad I did.

My first outing in the area was a slot canyon hike about 4 miles in length. On this trip I used the full Keyhole harness, and placed by backpack over the top of it. I was worried that this would cause too much bulk in the shoulders, but I was wrong. This worked well and was very comfortable.

I found the Cannon EOS 70D SLR camera worked well in this configuration and stayed close to my body and protected as I wedged my way through the slots and sandstone. Those in my group that carried the camera over the shoulder were constantly hitting the camera on the side of the walls.

Test and Hike Number 1, a GREAT SUCCESS.

My second outing was a 3 mile hike through the desert, and then a short scramble up to a hidden cave. VERY COOL!
On this trip I attached the straps to my backpack, and did not use the included harness.
I was again very very pleased with this configuration and found it both comfortable, and functional.
Having my expensive camera secured closely to my body, with the keyhole attachments, and the extra straps that connect to the camera grommets was a comfort emotionally 🙂

Test and Hike Number 2, another GREAT SUCCESS.

My third outing was just a simple family photo shoot session. I get tired of packing my camera over my shoulder, and having it swing out from my body every time I lean over.
I again rigged the full harness set up and headed to the agreed location. The photo taking was a snap, and the camera was always right where I wanted it. No swing from my body and hitting unwanted obstacles. NICE

Test Photo shoot and Number 3 outing. another GREAT SUCCESS.

Overall Summary:
I found the Keyhole system from Backcountry Solutions to be a real asset, and a life saver. It gave me confidence to carry my camera in remote hard to access locations. It also worked well on just a simple photo shoot.
Well done, we love it!

What could they do better:
It is a little confusing to get on, and get all the straps straight the first time you use it.
Not sure how to fix this, but some good engineering could be applied.

back country key hole compress

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability