Eastman Outdoors Shooting Sticks Review


Editor: Mike

Just the Facts:

  • Eastman Outfitters® Gorilla Gear Sharp Shooter bi-pod shooting stick
  • Adjusts from 25″ to 65″
  • Quick-release lever-lock system for fine-tuned adjustment
  • Improved rubber-finned gun rest provides unmatched gripping power and protects finish of firearms
  • Easily adapts for use with cameras, optics and other accessories


I told my son Tanner to pick 2 different shooting sticks to use on this years Wyoming Antelope Hunt. He decided to take the Eastman Gorilla Shooting Sticks, and the Snipepod by Kramer Design.

Tanner missed a shot at a decent buck the first day using the Snipepod, so day 2 it was time to try the Eastman Bi-Pod.
We were very impressed with several features of this set of shooting sticks:

-It is DURABLE and Build TOUGH

-It has a quick easy way to adjust the legs: Simply flip open the clips and pull the legs out. Many shooting sticks use a twist lock, I like that, but we actually preferred the clips on this pair of sticks.

-It has a GREAT heavy well built V rest where the gun rests. It is lined with very durable rubber.

-At any extension length the bi pod is ROCK solid.

With all of the great features listed above, we found the Eastman Shooting sticks to perform very well. This pair of sticks can be shoved in the back seat, in the pack, drug behind on the ground, or wherever, and it is going to stand up to the abuse.

When it is time to use the shooting sticks you will find a solid base, that mounts well into any terrain.

These shooting sticks could be counted on for any hunt. Keep in mind that they are HEAVY, and may not be your choice for a pack in hunt.

If you choose to buy these sticks, you will have a life long set, that will serve you well.


What they could do better:

We have had to lubricate ours several times to keep them opening well.

Eastman Outdoors Gorilla Gear Sharpshooter BiPod Shooting Stick review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability


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