Vendetta Range Finder by Leupold Review

Editor: Wade

Just the Facts:

* True Ballistic Range (TBR®)
* One-Touch Continuous Scan…Hold
* Laser Dot Alignment
* Bow Mounted
* Compact Size
* Battery Powered
* Trigger Activated

As an avid bowhunter, I was recently given the opportunity to use the Vendetta Rangefinder from Leupold. What a fantastic concept; to have a rangefinder at your fingertips while at full draw!!

During the summer months I used it at the range and in the back yard. I was most pleased with the results as I shot from above and below my targets. The product was easy to install and convenient to operate. The on line instructional video provided a good coach as I started the process. I did find that using the laser to initially sight it in was difficult in the bright daylight. Low light allowed me to see the red dot as I synchronized the rangefinder with my sights. At first the additional black box on my bow felt awkward and bulky, but in no time that feeling went away. I continued to estimate yardages and just used it as a confidence builder for both myself and my buddies.

As my seasons began to open I was able to put the rangefinder to work in the field. The rangefinder was extremely accurate in measuring distances and located the intended target. My home state of Utah did not allow the use of the bow mounted rangefinder so it would come on and off as I traveled from state to state. I was able to hunt 3 nearby states that allowed it.

What could they do better:
One negative that I found was that the LED screen started to fail sooner that I would have expected. Once season is over I will send it in. I know Leupold is an industry leader in honoring their products. The extra weight and bulk on my bow took some time to get used to. For me personally living in a state that does not allow the bow mounted rangefinders posed a challenge as well.

Vendetta Range Finder by Leupold Review
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  • Ergonomics
  • Durability