Helly Hansen Odin Stretch Insulated Jacket

By Cory McLaughlin

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Just the Facts:



A super lightweight and stretchy men’s insulator jacket with Primaloft® Gold Active+ insulation and a high clo value.
Odin Stretch Ins Jacket is a super lightweight insulator jacket featuring Primaloft® Gold Active+ stretch insulation. This insulator, with its high clo value and low weight, gives you light, breathable and stretch performance for all your active pursuit


Lightweight 30D fabric
4-way full stretch fabric
Stretch lining
Primaloft® Gold Active + 80g stretch Insulation
Full inner front placket
YKK® zippers
Seamless underarm stretch panels
Hood with sculpted brim
Soft edge band around hood and cuffs
Hi vis details


My Story:

I finally did it! I have spent my whole life staring at the peak of Mt. Adams in my home state of Washington and for as long as I can remember I have wanted to see the top. Life is a crazy mix of reality and wants-to-do’s which often do not overlap. So, while I have wanted to climb this great mountain for as long as I can remember it didn’t line up until just before my 36th year of looking at it’s peak with wanting eyes.

The first part of the trip was planning and gear acquisition. This is not a technical climb and as such there is not a tremendous amount of gear that needs to be gathered. Luckily I have a pretty fun side job which allows me to test amazing gear and that is what lead me to Helly Hansen and the Odin Stretch Insulated Jacket.

I was in need of a layering piece that was both warm and lightweight. In the past those two criteria have been almost impossible to meet simultaneously which is frustrating for the weight conscious hiker. We live in a time of great technology and ingenuity and with companies like Helly Hansen we have options galore. I settled on the Odin Stretch because it appeared to meet all the needs that I had identified for this trip.

I knew that it was going to be a game of layering the trail-head would be far warmer than the summit. The accent was going to be tough and I would be working hard which would likely mean i would be sweating. This is not my first time working with Helly Hansen so I put together a great layering system starting with a merino wool base layer and working out from there. We took an ambitious strategy and decided that we would do the whole trip in one day. We hit the trail at midnight and as we walked under our headlamps I was only slightly sad that I could not see the trail up the mountain but I was happy to get another perspective of this great mountains beauty.

We made “The Lunch Counter” before I started to really feel the cold. This was our first real break and I was pretty wet with sweat. The frigid air blowing down the snow drift cut right through me and it was time to pull out my Odin Stretch. I felt instant relief as I zipped the jacket all the way to the top. I was warm and I was happy. The slim cut of this jacket worked very well with my backpack and I felt I had very good mobility. With a renewed spirit we trudged onward and upward. The climb from the Lunch Counter to Pikers Peak (false summit) was very taxing and while I was working very hard the cool air was keeping me from overheating. I felt that I had nailed my layering and it was nice not to have that to worry about.

The summit was a very rewarding treat and when I stood atop what was once the country’s highest fire watchtower I was in awe of Washington’s beauty that was unfolded below. This was a visual that I had longed to see and it was very rewarding feeling.

The way down was much more fun than the way up and the glacade was a blast. I was a bit worried that I might mess up my jacket but my fears were for not as it made it down without so much as a snag.

My HH has been to the top of mountains, into the fields while hunting, and it has become a daily jacket. I love that it is fit for the field but also suited for the office. Most recently it kept me warm while out on a fishing trip with by best buddy Johnny. I really think this is another fantastic home-run product from a company that knows how to keep us outdoorsy types out in the places we love most. Fine job HH you guys continue to amaze!

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What can be done better? Nothing. Fits like a glove and feels like a dream!

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability