Women’s OOmg Low Shoe

By Katja Hurt

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Just the Facts:

The OOmg shoe features revolutionary OOfoam™ technology that absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear foam materials to reduce the stress on your feet and joints. This technology aids in the recovery process and creates an incredibly comfortable shoe you can wear anywhere. Our breathable 4-way stretch fabric allows for an incredibly comfortable shoe you won’t want to take off.


  • Reduces stress on sore feet, knees, and back
  • Enables more natural motion
  • Minimalist construction for lightweight 
  • Machine washable, plus moisture and bacteria resistant

My Story:

OOFOS claims that they have created a shoe that reduces impact, enhances recovery and is something you can wear anywhere. With these claims in mind, I decided to make the OOFOS OOmg Low Shoe my go-to for several weeks this summer. 

First, the claim about this being a recovery shoe for pre and post-workout: yes! I have worn these in the car to and from the trailhead, after a long run, and to baby my feet before a long presentation. The transition from doing chores inside to running errands around town is seamless and I often forget that I am wearing shoes because of how comfortable they are.

As for wearing these shoes anywhere, absolutely! At first, I treated them as indoor shoes, wearing them around the house and to run local errands. I recently transitioned into working from home and have renovated my home office to have a standing desk. I was close to buying an expensive floor pad to protect my feet while standing in front of the computer all afternoon when I decided to try wearing the OOFOS for a few minutes of relief. Now, the OOFOS OOmg Low Shoe is my go-to footwear as soon as I turn on the computer. These wonder-shoes have negated the need for purchasing additional ground padding at the computer, in the kitchen, or out around the garage!

I was nervous when it was time to try out the shoes outdoors. They have been such a lifesaver inside and I was nervous that wearing them on forest trails and over uneven terrain would destroy them. Over the last several months, the OOFOS has been with me as I’ve walked 10+ miles around San Francisco as a tourist, taken my two dogs on long walks through local parks and woodland trails, and more recently, they got put to the test on the rocky beaches of Puget Sound.

The OOFOS OOmg Low Shoes have held up perfectly in every environment I have taken them and the comfort and padding provided has made them a dream shoe for daily wear and beyond.

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What can be done better?

The strap across the top of the shoe does help hold it in place, but there is a tendency for the material to twist or fold over and form a pressure point against the top of the foot. This has been particularly apparent when wearing any socks thicker than a liner. I’m not sure what could be done to keep the material from folding under while maintaining the lightness and comfort of the shoe, so it is up to the wearer to check that everything is in place each time they don the shoe.

  • Funtionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability