By Cory McLaughlin

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Just the Facts:

Whether you are an outfitter or just a lover of wall tent camping, you will be hard pressed to find a wood burning cylinder that has the value added features of the Alpine Heavy Duty Cylinder Cooking System. There is no fiddling around after purchase trying to find a damper, internal log grate, spark arrestor, or accessory shelves. These items in addition to a five-piece nesting pipe are included with our Alpine Cylinder package.

Each component is designed to fit inside the unit, along with the removable legs, for easy storage and transport. We have even drilled the hole for you for installing your pipe damper. A roomy cook top and door damper makes it easy to control the heat for cooking chores. If you need more hot water the unit has been designed to take a standard wood system water heater and it will also nest inside.


  • Wire form shelf/drying rack
  • All parts store neatly inside unit for easy transportation
  • Adjustable legs for uneven ground
  • 10-12 gauge stainless steel construction
  • Flat top surface provides an area to cook on
  • Full length hinged lid for easy access
  • Chimney damper & spark arrestor
  • Door damper and fire grate for efficient burning
  • Flat top surface provides an area to cook on


  • Dimensions w/racks: 24 in. D x 20 in. W x 22 1/4 in. H
  • Total Capacity: 1.67 ft cubed
  • Shelf/Drying Rack Dimensions: 22 in. x 8.25 in.
  • Chimney: 5 in. diameter, 10 ft. chimney pipe
  • Total Weight: 74 lbs.


Turn your Cylinder burner into an efficient hot water dispenser with our Cylinder burner Hot Water Tank. Constructed of 20 Gage Stainless Steel our tank is designed to fit our Alpine Cylinder burner (CS14) and is suitable for cooking and drinking water. Tank includes a brass spigot for instant hot water and a full length hinged lid for adding additional water and easy cleaning. Great for melting snow into drinking water.


  • All parts store neatly inside cooking system for easy transportation
  • Fits 14 in. Cylinder Cooking Systems (Model: CS14)
  • 20 gauge stainless steel construction
  • Suitable for cooking and drinking water
  • Brass spigot for instant hot water
  • Full length hinged lid for easy access



  • Dimensions: 23.5 in. L x 8 in. H x 6.5 in. W
  • Capacity: 3 gallons
  • Weight: 9 lbs.


My Story:

I love to hunt in the cold weather months. There really is nothing like being in the frigid air while out chasing game only to come back to a roomy wall tent with a hot stove. For my 2019 Idaho trip I knew it was time to upgrade my setup and that started with getting a new stove for the wall tent. I have long been a fan of Camp Chef so they were my first choice. I also know the need for hot water in time like this so I was very excited to pair the stove with a water heater.

After my stove arrived I decided to get it assembled in the driveway and give it a good burn-in to set everything and burn off any chemicals that would result in a smoky tent. The stove assembled very quickly and was very user friendly. I was happy to have done the first burn out in the open air as the chemical smell coming off the stove would have been unbearable inside a tent. So, I highly suggest you follow the Camp Chef recommendation to do your initial burn-in while out in open air. 

Once the stove was cured It was ready for the hills and adventure. The stove was very easy to setup in the field and I quickly had a hot fire rolling. This stove is not huge but the 1.67 cubic foot interior will allow for a pretty substantial amount of wood to be loaded. With a length of 24’’ you can load some nice long logs. I found the damper and intake valve to be very easy to use and was able to maximize my burn times with the proper adjustment of both.

Some of the things that I have had issues with in the past included a poor seal in both the door and the chimney pipe. This was not the case with the Camp Chef Alpine stove. The stove had excellent draw and the smoke found it’s way up and out of the chimney without issue. I never noticed any leaking smoke from the door seal either and that was a refreshing revelation. 

The best thing about having a stove is the heat it provides. This can be used to for the obvious reason I.E. keeping warm but it is also handy for drying wet clothing or wood and cooking as illustrated in the pictures below.

Another use for the stove is heating water for cooking or cleaning. In the past this was always done by way of tea kettle and while it was effective it was annoying to have to fill the kettle multiple times. So, I was very happy to be testing the hot water tank that Camp Chef sells as an add-on to the great Alpine Stove. The tank secures to the stove by way of a retention rail at the top rear of the tank. It is truly just as simple as lifting the rail into place and then allowing gravity to hold the tank on the stove. The tank is concave following the contour of the stove and this is how the tank absorbs the heat. The 3 gallon capacity makes plenty of water for a nice meal, dishes or a refreshing camp shower. The possibilities are endless! Once you are done with the water you simply remove the tank and set it on the floor or anyplace else you desire.

If you own a wall tent and are in the market for a reasonably priced stove and water tank that will actually perform, I think you need to look at Camp Chef. These are two products that do not have any fancy gimmicks or bells and whistles. They are made of high quality material and work as intended. I would certainly recommend you put these products on your radar!

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What can be done better?

Honestly, I’m not sure what I would change. This is a basic stove and a basic hot water tank and I like that they are just that…basic. Simplicity is nice when you are in the middle of nowhere and just need something to perform as intended. Camp Chef has long made quality products for the camps of the wilds and these products are among the quality I have come to expect from them.



  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability