Editor: Cory M.

Just the facts:
Slumberjack Sightline 2 Tent Review
• Capacity: 2
• Seasons: 3
• Number of Poles: 4
• Number of Doors: 2
• Number of Vestibules: 2
• Packed Weight: 7 lbs 5 oz
• Minimum Weight: 6 lbs 4 oz
• Floor Area: 35.5 ft2
• Vestibule Area: 9.75 + 9.75 ft2
• Dimensions: 90 x 59 / 55 x 43 in
• Packed Size: 8 x 21 in
• Wall Material: 40D Polyester No-See-Um Mesh
• Floor Material: 68D Polyester 1200 mm
• Fly Material: 68D Polyester 1200 mm
• Pole Type: 7001 Aluminum

Basic description from SJK:
• Ridge pole geometry for maximum interior space
• Fly vents for maximum air circulation
• Large ‘field of view’ awning provides glassing opportunities from inside the tent and doubles as a doggie door for your four legged friend
• Spacious interior with ample room to stretch out and store gear
• Light and durable 7001 aluminum pole set
• Mesh wall panels for optimum ventilation
• Waterproof, taped seams
• Noiseless zipper pulls
• Convenient free-standing construction
• Tent footprint available

slumberjack sightline

slumberjack sightline2

My Story:
There is nothing more frustrating than a sub-par shelter when you are out in the wilds. Shelter is the number one priority of survival. That reason alone should lead a person to strongly consider what type of shelter they are going to buy. Finding a tent is not a hard task, but finding a good tent can be a little trickier. The other sometimes painful task is finding a tent that is of good quality that does not cost and arm and a leg. All of this is dependent on the intended use of the tent. As a general rule the lighter the tent the more it cost as the lighter materials are more expensive. So, what if you are not in the market for an ultralight tent? What if you are looking for a relatively light weight tent that could be hiked short distances if needed, and one that is not going to break the bank? Well, SLUMBERJACK has answered the call with the SIGHTLINE 2.
I was sent the SIGHTLINE2 to test out and as luck would have it I had and Idaho elk hunt that was just the place to do so. I packed the tent into my truck and off we went. The tent fit into my SJK Carbine 2500 by way of the meat hauling shelf. After loading up my pack we hit the trail. Our campsite was near a stock pond about 2 miles from the road and I was eager to get in and make camp. The elk were calling and I wanted to get out and hunt.
The SIGHTLINE 2 is not what I would consider a lightweight tent. The packed weight of this tent is 7 lbs. 5 oz. and for me that does not classify as lightweight. A common mistake I see people making these days is discrediting a product because they decided to use it for something it was not intended for. SJK does not advertise this tent as an ultra-lightweight tent and thus it should not be judged as such. This tent is ideal for base camp purposes and is designed for comfort, functionality, and possibly short distance packs. Could it be packed on a multiday trip? Absolutely, but its size and weight would not be ideal for that application. If that is what you are after SLUMBERJACK does offer some other ultralight options.
Set up of the tent was relatively simple. I do suffer from the same aliment that most men do and I refused to look at or read the instructions. After a quick reversal of the rain fly I got the tent assembled correctly. It is color coded so I felt pretty dumb. The poles are made of high quality aluminum which eliminates some weight and durability issues that fiberglass poles have. The poles are nearly seamless and easily slide between the support clips on the tent allowing for even faster setup.

slumberjack sightline3

This tent has been designed to maximize every inch of usable space. The two doors offer exceptional accessibility on either side of the tent. This is a great feature when camping with a partner as there is no need to crawl over each other to get in and out.

So, what about those times when you are laying in your bag and you need some air or would like to see what’s outside? Well, SJK has got you covered as they added an access door to the awning at the end of the tent. You can unzip the panel and see what’s out there without ever leaving the comfort of your tent.

slumberjack 4


Another feature that I really like about this tent is the rain fly. The fly goes all the way to the ground while creating two vestibule spaces on either side of the tent. These spaces are great for packs and just about anything else you want to protect from the elements. The low profile of the fly also gives it great protection from strong winds. I was not able to test the waterproofing ability of the tent while out in the field so I decided to test it out in my back yard. My daughters are always happy to help me test gear and this was no exception. We set up the sprinklers and had mom turn them on. After enduring far more than just your average shower I found the SIGHTLINE 2 to be a formidable foe to any onslaught of rain Mother Nature might throw my way.



After both my field and yard test I am very impressed with the SJK SIGHTLINE 2 tent and think that it would be a great addition to any hunters gear. It is a great basecamp setup that would provide exceptional protection from the elements while also allowing the ability to air out and sleep under the stars. There is room enough for two people to sleep comfortably or more than enough room for one person and all their gear. Fine job SLUMBERJACK!

What can be done better?
As this tent stands I do not see much to improve upon. The stakes that come with the tent are a little on the flimsy side and could be improved. Other than that I really cannot find anything to improve on for my use of this great product. If SJK would like to move into selling this as a lightweight backpacking tent there would need to be a significant cut in weight and packed size. That however, would really be just creating a new tent entirely. So, I cannot hold any of that against this tent. The SJK SIGHTLINE 2 is simply a great tent.
For use as a two person car camping and/or base camping tent, I give this tent 4.75 stars.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability