Teva® Churn Water Shoes Review

Here is a quick list of form and features for the Teva Churn water shoes review:
• Nylon mesh uppers let water flow freely from shoes and dry quickly for comfort
• EVA midsoles absorb and transfer shock for enhanced push-off
• Spider Rubber® outsoles deliver traction on any surface—designed for wet environments
• Drain-Frame molded EVA insoles add cushioning
• Drainage system in uppers allows water to escape in all directions, so shoes dry quickly
• Durable pull cord allows quick adjustment and easy entry and exit; special pocket at top of tongue stows lace and lace lock
• Optional fold-down, Shoc Pad™ heels for slipper-like feel
• Neoprene linings help protect bare feet from pressure and abrasion

My Story
Where better to test a water shoe than Arizona’s Havasupai canyon?!! If you’ve never been there, it might be time to add it to your bucket list (but only if you like the idea of a turquoise-water oasis bubbling right out of the deep canyon walls of the Sonoran Desert).
The Teva Churn really provided comfort and protection in the rocky stream and calcified lagoons and rocky waterfalls at Havasupi. It is lightweight and made of durable materials. We spent a lot of time on the water and burning the trails up and down the canyon between waterfalls. Material scouring, marking , and fading was minimal, especially considering all the wear and tear. I was even a bit surprised, but certainly pleased at how well they held up and how comfortably they performed.

Teva Water Shoe
Teva Water Shoe

Even though this is not marketed as a hiking shoe, and I was a bit worried that the rocky trails might bruise my feet and wear holes in the lightweight mesh material on the upper. Not so. It didn’t happen. And I just credit that to Teva using great materials and state-of-the-art processes to ensure quality.
Additionally, I’ve tested this shoe in a boating circumstance, riding water toys, swimming, wading, etc., and it performed just great. It provided grip and protection, which was really nice.
These shoes grip well on trail and rock and the tread is almost like new. So, I feel comfortable saying that this lightweight water shoe is built to last. I put it through the traces and it looks and performs as well now as when I first took it out of the box.

Using a 5-star system, here is how I rate the Teva Churn:
Comfort – 4.5
Performance – 4
Style – 4
Durability – 4
Fit – 5 (length and width true to size)
Overall – 4.3

The Teva Churn is a lightweight water shoe that offers comfort and durability. The shoe performs well and offers great value for those looking for a dependable shoe with a comfortable fit.

What They Could Do Better
The leather facing on the toe of one shoe bunched up a little after all the hard use. The stitching is fine; there doesn’t appear to be any form or functional compromise. It just looks a little punchy. Id’ say, after all the hard use and wear and tear, this is a minor inconvenience, nothing more.
I’d like to see a secondary protective sheath over the big toe area. The big toe(nail) is especially hard on mesh uppers in hiking and energetic water activities. That extra protection in the toe would be an additional bonus on this shoe.
Lastly, and I’ve made this point before on the Teva speed-lacing system, I struggled with this a little, especially when the shoe and/or my hands were wet. It took more effort than I expected to loosen and tighten the shoe under those conditions. I suggest improving that lacing mechanism.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability