Got a fresh 10″ of snow in California on day 4. Found this track and let out some dogs. They were heading into some roadless country but sounded like they were on the bear. 2 guides stayed back, one young guide (Jake), my buddy Rob and our 2 boys took off after the dogs. Steep and slick and about 2 miles down a canyon we caught them. The bear would not tree. I shot him with a pistol in the brush @ 25 yards. He ran straight down to some RR tracks and bayed up in the underpass. He didn’t like the dogs and he hated us. Once we arrived (just Jake and I) the bear came out. We each put a few more in him and he ran back in. A minute later he came back at us and we gave him 2 more and he went back inside. Another minute later he came out and I put him down with a final shot…. Quite a rush… Jake thought we were going to die… We built a fire in the underpass while we skinned him. We had to quarter him and pack him out (@ 3miles down the tracks). Based on the size and weight of the quarters he was 450lbs. I haven’t measured his skull yet.