Thermapen Digital Thermometer from ThermoWorks Review

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Thermapen Digital Thermometer from ThermoWorks.

Just the Facts:

Thermapen colorsThe Thermapen is a digital thermometer that is simple, elegant and easy to use.

It is just under 6 inches long, 1.5 inches wide and about 5/8 of an inch thick.  It has a 4.5 inch probe that conveniently folds into the handle and extends out to a maximum of 180 degrees.  The temperature display is just under 2 inches wide and 3/4 inches tall with the temperature reading able to be displayed in both celsius as well as fahrenheit.  The handle is made of hard plastic and is splash proof, but not waterproof or dishwasher safe.

The thermometer does not have any buttons.  Instead it automatically turns on when the probe is pulled out from the handle.  The Thermapen can take a temperature reading in just 2-3 seconds after inserting the probe into the meat which is much faster than the “normal” temperature reading time of 20 seconds or more by other thermistor-based thermometers.  It turns off by folding the probe and snapping back into the handle.

The Thermapen can measure temperatures from -58.0 to 572.0°F which will allow a wide range of cooking applications including meats, candies, boiling liquids, etc.  According to ThermoWorks, it is also highly accurate, with readings to within ±0.7°F (±0.4°C) and it comes with a certificate of calibration in the box.

It comes in 15 separate colors for the standard versions with several other limited versions available, including camo, tiger stripe, rattlesnake, Canadian Flag, hot coals, digi-camo, and Thermapen on fire.

The Thermapen is powered by two 3V coin cell batteries that should last for 1,500 hours.  The batteries are built into the handle and are accessed by using a quarter or other coin to open the plastic cover that covers the batteries.

The Thermapen is a commercial grade thermometer and because of that it is priced more than personal thermometer.  It retails for $96 at

The Thermapen comes with a 20 page book that explains how to use your Thermapen with a chart on the back that shows the minimum temps for food safety.  The Thermapen also has several accessories available including a couple of wallets to allow you to carry the Thermapen with you (convenient for a commercial chef), wall brackets, and silicone rubber boots that will protect your Thermapen from damage due to drops, heat, or kitchen splashes.

thermapen_turkey thermapen_camo

As an avid outdoor cooking enthusiast, my wife loves it when I announce that I am going to BBQ on the weekend.  There are several secrets to delicious BBQ.

  • The pre-cook activities, including the dry rub and or marinade
  • Cooking with the right wood smoke, I prefer hickory, pecan and apple wood.
  • The right cooking time
  • And finally, the right temperature at the completion that results in fall off the bone ribs or melt in your mouth pulled pork.

There are of course lots of other elements to the perfectly cooked BBQ, but having a reliable digital thermometer is key to getting across the finish line.

I found the Thermapen from ThermoWorks to be an excellent tool to provide an easy way to accurately measure the temperature of by BBQ.  It provides a 2-3 second temperature read and it so easy, simply insert the probe into the meat and you are done.  There are no wires or cables to mess with and when you are done, simply wash the probe (not the handle as it is not water resistant) with soapy water and snap the probe back into the handle and you are done.

This is a great product.  It is a commercial grade digital thermometer that is easy to use and foolproof.

I highly recommend it for both outdoor cooking/grilling and in your kitchen for meats, liquids and more.

ThermoWorks Thermapen Review
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