Editor:  Randy Johnson, IreviewGear Field Editor

Basic Description:

A very compact & ultra lightweight backpacking stove that weighs less than 10 ounces!

Just The Facts:

The Jetboil Sol Ti is simply amazing. This small stove boils a pot of water so fast that you hardly have time to blink. The boil times are what first attracted me to the Jetboil system but now it is even faster due to a slightly smaller (0.80 liter) pot. Jetboil’s other stoves are great but the Sol Ti beats them all because of it’s weight reduction.


As much time as I spend “out on the mountain” hunting and backpacking I’m constantly searching for the highest quality cooking gear that is extra lightweight and compact. For years I have tested the best in small cooking stoves. However, I’m completely sold on the new Jetboil Sol Ti and I own several of their other stoves!

The Sol Ti comes with a .80 liter pot that weighs 4.70 oz:
stove: 3.55 oz.:
lid: 0.65 oz: fuel stand: 1.0 oz: stabilizer pot stand:1.25 oz and
cup: 1.15 oz. This complete system was not even noticeable in my pack. I love the fact that the Jetboil Sol Ti cooking system including the pot support and stabilizer tripod, will both fit into the Cooking Cup along with the burner and fuel canister for compact storage. The Sol Ti’s FluxRing Cooking Cup also features a drink through lid with pour spout and strainer.

I did find that the rubbery handle on the Sol Ti cozy sleeve (made out of hypalon) gets quite hot and doesn’t feel very secure. In fact, the sleeve will slide on the pot when you pick it up full of water. This was one feature that I didn’t feel good about and is the reason I gave the Sol Ti 4 stars. Also, the grey sleeve on the Sol Ti didn’t feature the heat indicator display bars that glow orange that are on the Jetboil Sol black sleeve when your liquid reaches boiling temperatures. I did miss this nice feature.

The Sol Ti, just like the Sol, is powered by Jetboil’s Thermo-Regulate burner technology that delivers consistent heat output down to 15ºF. The push button igniter works perfectly. This little stove is simple to use. Engineered with Jetboil’s FluxRing design, the stove absorbs heat from the burner and transfers it directly into the liquid within the cooking vessel. This speeds up your boiling time and doubles heating efficiency, with an overall reduction in fuel consumption. This mini camp stove can boil 1/2 L of water in just over 2 minutes. I’ve found that a single 100 g Jetpower fuel canister is capable of boiling up to 12 L of water.

As with the other Jetboil camping stoves, the Sol Ti is compatible with all Jetboil Accessories although they are expensive. I just ordered the 1.5 Liter Fluxring Cooking Pot for when I’m not hunting or backpacking solo which cost me $54 on eBay.

The price on the Sol Ti is around $150. In my opinion, it is well worth the money.

What They Could Do Better

  • Engineer a different fuel stabilizer that weighs even less
  • Strengthen the hypalon handle and find a way to keep the cozy from slipping.
  • Include the heat indicator bars on the Sol Ti cozy exactly like on the Jetboil Sol.
Jetboil Sol Ti Stove Review
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