Workout weeks 5-9

During this time period we want to focus on our cardio as well as adding “micro” intense burst workouts throughout our day. The focus will be core and quad focused, because of the strain those muscles will face on the hunt.

“Micro workouts” is my name for mini workouts lasting no longer than 5 minutes but very intense and should be done throughout the day. As I have said before, we train for what we are going to ultimately do. Hunting out west involves frequent mobility followed by periods of rest. Keep in mind that we are focusing on the quadriceps and core muscles used for climbing steep terrain. Therefore a series of micro workouts might go as follows:


Regular 45 min cardio routine

Micro workout 1) performed at 9:00 am: 100 squat thrusts in 5 minutes – focus is quadriceps and core.

Micro workout 2) performed at 11:00 am: 100 air squats – focus is quadriceps.

Micro workout 3) performed at 2:00: as many jump rope reps as possible in 5 min. – Focus is calves as well as cardio burst.

Micro workout 4) performed at 4:00: 5 sets of 25 push-ups. Try to keep it under 5 min. – Focus is chest and core.

Micro workout #5)
performed at 7:00 pm: 100 sit-ups. – 100% core focused.

The whole idea here is to have fun and get these micro burst workouts in throughout the day. Keep to your regular cardio schedule and come up with your own series. Have fun and avoid injury.

Finally, as you will find out, the first thing you will want to do when you get to the top of a mountain is to sit down. This is where you really have to be disciplined and stretch the muscles which you have just exhausted. If you don’t stretch the muscles, the lactic acid buildup will make the muscles contract an become sore and stiff making it hard to move around. Therefore prior to and after your climb I recommend a good stretch which could look something like this:

Wide feet hamstring stretch
Quad stretch
Runners stretch
Calf stretch
Downward Dog stretch.

Try to hold each position for 15-30 seconds each. Your muscles will thank you for the relief and your hunt will be more enjoyable.