Kowa 600 series Spotting Scope Review


Kowa 600 series Spotting Scope Review Editor: Mike Basic Description of Item: High Performance in a Lightweight Body, User-Friendly Models with Excellent Cost Performance. In this class of scopes, the TSN-600 Series has an unprecedented weight making it extremely easy to handle and carry. Just the Facts: From KOWA Web Site 60MM OBJECTIVE LENS FULLY […]

Leica CRF 1000 Laser Range Finder Review


LEICA 1000 CRF RANGEMASTER Rangfinder Review Editor: Mike 40 529 (switchable between Metres and Yards) Carrying cord, battery, Cordura case Maginfication 7 x24 mm Just the Facts: Range ability 10 to 915 m / 10 to 1000 yds Accuracy ± 1 m/yd to 366 m/400 yds, ± 2 m/yds to 732 m/800 yds, ± 0,5 […]

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