Optic Nerve Vettron Polarized


Optic Nerve Vettron Polarized  By Cory McLaughlin Follow us on INSTAGRAM @ireviewgear   Just the Facts: The ingenuity of the Vettron is apparent in its unique aesthetic and unexpected functionality. We started with a retro-forward design and updated the geometry to sync with today’s trends. We then added innovative mechanics including a Gate Hinge system […]

Tifosi Sport Polarized Sunglasses Review


TIFOSI SPORT & POLARIZD SUNGLASSES – REVIEW Editor: Randy Johnson Lead Editor, Guide, and Contributor BASIC DESCRIPTION: TIFOSI technically advanced sunglasses are designed and tested to ensure that their customers are provided with the very best eyewear for all sport and outdoor activities. Whether you are playing golf, running a marathon, fishing, backpacking, participating in […]

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