Looking for a easy to inflate, easy to store, and best night sleep ever type of mattress? Well, you came to the right review!

Just the Facts:

3D Shape — The completely flat top and vertical side wall make the Flex™ 3D Mattress feel like a real mattress. The top is usable from edge to edge and it cradles you like your mattress at home.

4-Way Stretch Top — The 4-way stretch fabric allows this mattress to “flex” with your shape and movement, so the top feels softer and more supportive than other camp mattresses—even at firm air pressures.

Horizontally-Cored Foam Insulation — Horizontally-cored foam eliminates the cold spots found on most vertically-cored mattresses and delivers an R-value of 7.

Fast Inflation — The included inflation sack is sized perfectly for the fastest inflation time and doubles as storage for the mattress.

Reversible Valve — The one-way reversible valve keeps air in while inflating and allows for customizable comfort with its slow-deflation “button”. When it’s time to pack up, the entire valve pops out for instant, hassle-free deflation. Then pop the “deflation” valve side back in and the air stays out as you continue to roll.

R-value: 7

50×77: 7 lb 11 oz (3.49 kg)

Inflated Size
50×77: 52″ x 78″ x 3″ (132 x 198 x 8cm)

Packed Size
50×77: 26″ x 8″ (66 x 20cm)

Flex™ 3D Mattress Materials
 4-way stretch 50d polyester knit
Bottom: 75d polyester taffeta
Foam: Urethane foam

My Story:

I have had a great many adventures with a ZENBIVY product or two. I have been miles into the backcountry and also in the comfort of a friends living room. The versatility offered by ZENBIVY products is something that I can’t stop talking about. A while back I did a review of the ZENBIVY Double Bed and while I loved the quilt the mattress left a little to be desired. So, when I saw that I had other options, I had to get my hands on one in particular, and was the 3D Flex Mattress 50×77!

Camping can be uncomfortable, that is not a secret to anyone. The crazy thing is, it doesn’t have to be. A decent nights sleep can be had just about anywhere if you are paired with the right gear. On a recent trip to Oregon’s Wallowa Lake, I knew that comfort was going to be a challenge. The weather was awful and I was going to be living the tent life. So, to make my life a little less uncomfortable I decided to bring along my new 3D Flex Mattress to use with my ZENBIVY double bed.

The 3D Flex comes in a very neat stuff sack that also works as an inflation pump. Simply roll out the mattress and allow the internal foam to inflate, this can take a little while so don’t be in a huge hurry. Once the mattress as full as it can get through it’s self inflation it’s time to ad a bit more air.

Once you get to your desired firmness it’s time to stand back and admire your accomplishment.

Now that the mattress is fully inflated it is ready to be used. If for some silly reason you are just going to roll out a sleeping bag and sleep on it, I’m sure you will be fine, but ZENBIVY mattresses are best paired with a ZENBIVY beds! IF you don’t have one yet it’s time to fix that silly mistake.

As you can see above, the 3” of mattress fit the double bed bottom sheet perfectly. The internal foam also adds a bit more comfort and insulation compared to other mattresses.

I slept like a baby on this mattress and am so happy I got it paired with this great system. If you are looking for a huge bed for yourself or a very comfortable double option you would be remiss to overlook the ZENBIVY line of products.

Before I close out this review lets go over the meat and potatoes. The Flex 3D mattress comes in 3 different size options. The 3D design makes all of the mattress useable space without annoying curves. The top fabric is 4-way stretch so you get insane comfort. Fast inflation and deflation by way of two-way valves. While the concept of an air mattress is simple, the devil is in the details, and this bad boy is loaded with features that will have you sawing logs in no time.

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What could be done better?

In my testing I could not see anything that I would change about this product. The dual fill ports allow for fast self inflation and deflation when storing. This is just another solid product from our friends at ZENBIVY. I would say that the price shock is pretty gnarly on this one. At $349 this is not going to be a small purchase, but can you really put a price on good sleep?

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability

ZENBIVY Flex 3D Camping Mattress

Looking for a easy to inflate, easy to store, and best night sleep ever type of mattress? Well, you came to the right review!



Easy to inflate.

Comes with it’s own inflation bag.