Huskemaw Blue Diamond 5-20-50

Editor: Cory McLaughlin

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Just the Facts:

The first rifle scope Huskemaw Optics rolled out and revolutionized long range hunting.  It incorporated the ballistic compensating turret with the simple, yet powerful wind hold HuntSmart® reticle (U.S. patent 8365455).  These advancements changed the landscape of long range hunting forever.

  • Patented RFBC Turret System with HuntSmart® Reticle.  Glass etched second focal plane reticle protected between two layers of glass
  • Fast-Focus Eyepiece
  • Cement bedded lenses to withstand large caliber recoil
  • Adjustable parallax knob
  • Heavy-duty aircraft aluminum body
  • Fog-proof; Shock-proof; water resistant construction
  • High Density Lens Coating
  • Titanium turret spring with its indefinite shape-memory
  • Adjustable zero stop
Magnification 5-20x
Focal Plane Second
Overall Length 13.7 inches
Weight 24 ounces
Tube Diameter 30mm
Objective Lens Diameter 50mm
Eyepiece Diameter 43mm
Max. Mounting Length 5.6 inches
Field of View @ 100 yds 17.9 ft. – 5.2 ft.
Click Value .333 MOA
Adjustments per Revolution 60 clicks / 20 MOA


My Story:

If you shoot guns past 100 yards you know that optics make a world of difference. If you shoot much farther than that you know that good optics are necessary. Ifyou shoot out to 1000 yards and beyond you know that GREAT optics are an absolute necessity and that is what you will find at Huskemaw Long Range Optics.

Sure, you are going to have that initial moment where the sticker price jumps up and slaps you in the face. That is a completely normal reaction to for most people. The problem that most people have is that they seem to be the kind of people who have to touch the stove to know if it’s hot. Any google savvy person could deduce in about the first 5 minutes of a search that if you want to shoot long range you are going to have to put up some cash. You can save a buck here and there and buy yourself a bunch of subpar scopes that inevitably will end up costing you more as you keep upgrading trying to chase the type of quality you could have gotten right up front had you just ponied up and made the right choice to begin with. So, with a sticker price of $1449.99 you might be shy but let me tell you right off that $1450 is not that much money in comparison to others and you will not be able to match the Huskemaw Blue Diamond to anything in that price range.

I worked out a review with Nosler for an M48 Long Range rifle chambered in 28 Nosler. I was sure this rifle was up to the task of my goal to make a 1000 yard gun but I needed glass. I searched and searched and I found several options to consider. On a Friday night I was sitting in my basement and looking through some old hunting DVD’s and came across an old Best of the West video which featured long-range hunting. I popped it in and it was then that I decided that I needed to try and work out a review of a Huskemaw Long Range Optic. A few phone calls and emails later I had arranged for a Blue Diamond 5-20×50 to top my new rifle.

The break-in period of the new rifle was grueling and honestly not my idea of a fun day at the range. The only shining moment came with delight of looking through a great scope. I was very impressed with the clarity of this Blue Diamond scope and I had dreams of stretching this thing way out!

My first opportunity to shoot past 200 yards was a great success in my book. I had brken in my rifle, set my zero to 200 yards and zeroed out the elevation turret. Some quick range data such as bullet velocity and BC were plugged into the Huskemaw BC calculator and I was given a range card with my starting points for collecting my turret data. That day I could only shoot out to 500 yards but I was very pleased to see that the BC calculator was perfect for the range and I was hitting the 500 yard gong with ease.

I had a hunting trip planned into the backcountry of Idaho and sadly I was not able to shoot any further than 500 yards before I had to leave. The weather was not cooperating with my shooting plans so I set into my mind that I would not shoot anything past 500 yards no matter what. The first time I rested the crosshairs on flesh it was a glorious 7 point bull elk standing perfectly broadside at 300 yards. I turned the scope’s zooming dial and clicked my turret the appropriate amount of clicks and BOOM! The bull wheeled around ran down the draw and fell over. A short time later it rose again and again fell. While all this was happening I was trying to clear a malfunction on the rifle and ultimately was not able to get another shot before the bull left view. The shot was good, it felt good, it looked like a good tuck behind the shoulder but the massive body of a mature bull is no small thing to stop. Sadly after 2 days of searching he was not recovered. I only mention this as I do not want anybody to wonder where the pictures of my bull are. This was not a Huskemaw issue but rather one I had a good discussion with Nosler about.

The next animal I was able to look at through the scope was a mule deer buck. He was nothing special but my hunt was nearing its end and I needed to bring home some meat. The 200 yard shot was a chip shot for this shooter and the Blue Diamond was clear as day as I watched the bullet impact right through the bucks shoulder and saw him fall. So, my Huskemaw scope got to claim its first trophy and tough it was not a monster the backstrap look mighty fine in the cast iron.

Home again I spent the next couple months sending my rifle back and forth to Nosler trying to get the issue that cost me a great bull figured out. Once I finally got the rifle back the weather was absolutely garbage. Every time I found free time to shoot the weather was horrid with winds blowing 20 MPH or rain that made it impossible to see out to my desired shooting distance.

I was able to find a great break in the weather and get some rounds on paper at the desirable 1000 yard mark. My initial testing of both the rifle and this scope was intended to be done with factory ammunition. My end goal is for hand loading as that is one of my many hobbies. Huskemaw seems to pride themselves with helping to take the guess work out of shooting and so it was my intention to show that a person who buys a better than average rifle and shoots high quality factory ammo can make shots out to 1000 yards. After a mere 53 clicks of the turret I was able to prove just that and was elated to see an impact hole near center of the target. Now I admit that the picture below is not idea but for a stock rifle with factory ammo this is not to shabby 3 shot group at 1000 yards. 

The Blue Diamond 5-20X50 scope is clear, easy to use, beautiful to look at, and is an overall solid choice for the money. The company is run by very knowledgeable staff that are also shooters, hunters, and overall long range enthusiasts. If you have a question they are more than happy to help you out. So you get a great product paired with personable and highly knowledgeable support. I am not sure that you could ask for a better combination that that! 

Huskemaw helps you get meat in the tree!


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 What can be done better?

I am not sure that I would do anything differently. Sure they could add a few accessories but that has nothing to do with the operation or quality of the scope itself. I really think this is a top notch product!


5 crystal clear stars!


  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability