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Ultra light, synthetic, Caribou Gear’s new Muley and Wapiti reusable synthetic game bags are innovative and uniquely constructed for the Mountain Hunter who “hikes the trail less traveled.” Whether you are a hardcore backpack hunter or just a novice who enjoys the outdoors this lightweight product is exactly what you have been looking for to protect your big game meat from insects, dirt and debris. The cutting edge development of these game bags allow for repeated use!



The Facts:

My friends at Caribou Gear have done it again as they have stepped forward to meet the needs of hunters everywhere with their new Muley and Wapiti game bags. By listening to their customers the Caribou Gear team has now added specific sized game bags for mule deer and elk hunters. Each package contains a large plastic tarp, tag, lock and 5 game bags to enable hunters to haul out their trophy buck or bull! Perfectly fit, Caribou Gear’s unique, highly breathable game bags are durable and include their signature lock loops and light reflective attachments that are strategically placed for easy location and safety in the dark of a wilderness night.

This product has been designed for a special type of hunter, someone that is willing to go to the most isolated mountain range to hunt big game and then bring back his game meat clean and safe. Caribou Gear’s Muley and Wapiti game bags are simple, lightweight, and easy to pack. These systems are perfect for the remote backpack hunter in pursuit of their trophy buck or giant bull elk!

• 5 Game Bags (16 oz)
• Vented Storage Bag
• 4 – 20×34 qtr/rib bags
• 1-16×21 meat parts bag
• Reusable/Easy to Clean
• Fast Drying/Shrink/Stain Resistant
• Snag/Tear Resistant
• Heavy Duty Stitching
• Will not stretch to allow dirt, fine dust, debris, fly larva or wasps to penetrate

• 5 Game Bags (18 oz)
• 4 – 22×40 qtr/rib bags
• 1 – 16×21 meat parts bag
• Vented Storage Bag
• Reusable/Easy to Clean
• Fast Drying/Shrink/Stain Resistant
• Snag/Tear Resistant
• Heavy Duty Stitching
• Will not stretch to allow dirt, fine dust, debris, fly larva or wasps to penetrate


For years, while guiding and backpack hunting in some of the meanest, most remote terrain of southern Utah I have had the opportunity to pack out a lot of big game meat on my back. During that time I’ve tried everything from pillow cases, garbage sacks, flower sacks, burlap sacks and numerous other game bags in my ongoing search for a ultra lightweight product that would protect the meat and backpack/clothing from blood, was compact, breathable, and would not tear or fall apart. After originally testing Caribou Gear’s Carnivore system and now the MULEY AND WAPATI bags I know that I have found the perfect, ultra lightweight product to meet my rigorous demands.

The fabric in Caribou Gear’s Muley and Wapiti game bag systems is synthetic and will not shrink! I’ve found that the properties in this material wick “away” the moisture from the raw meat that you are packing and it is incredible for air-flow and breathability. This fabric absolutely stops flies, small gnats and wasps from getting into your meat. This is critical if you are miles from your vehicle. My clients and I use the Caribou Game Bag system extensively and appreciate the fact that they have now created the perfect size for both mule deer and bull elk. I have always viewed the aspect of protecting my big game meat as being very important so that it doesn’t spoil. I’ve been amazed at how fast drying, reusable and shrink resistant these bags are. I have also found that the Muley and Wapiti bags can also be used to effectively wrap your prized cape up in although they are stamped for “meat only.” Guess I better not recommend this use! LOL They wash up stain free which is an important feature. I recently had a friend tell me that he rolled several Caribou Gear bags full of elk meat down a slope where they got away and tumbled over a 30 foot cliff. Guess what, his Caribou bags didn’t tear and all the meat was still intact!

All Caribou Game bags were designed by a “Do It Yourself” hunter who personally hunted big game animals from the Southern Rockies to Alaska. Like all of us, he learned some valuable lessons by “trial and error.” After searching for the right fabric and design in a big game bag he began manufacturing these ultra light, strong and very compact bags for the most discriminating, hardcore hunter!

Adding to their nice silk-screened logo Caribou Gear is now also using the logo’s of the Wild Sheep Foundation and Elk Foundation on the exterior of the storage bags that you enclose your synthetic game sacks in. I’m sure they will be featuring other wildlife organizations and hunting vendors logos in the near future.

Please note that I have really enjoyed the reflective attachments on these game bags so that I can shine the light of my headlamp in the dark while hanging it from a tree to ensure that no rodents or larger animals are bothering the meat. These bags don’t retain any foul smells, wash well and are reusable trip after trip. I have even used my clean Muley and Wapiti game sacks to hang/store my food and clothes in. They are extremely tough. Use your imagination and utilize these game sacks for many other things!

In the terrain and rugged country I hunt we bone all of our big game meat out. This method is dependent of course upon our location and the size of the animal we are hunting. Once in a great while we are close enough to our truck to quarter up our game meat that also fits into these bags well. I appreciate the fact that Caribou Gear has developed a “patented synthetic game bag that is adaptable to suit the hunting needs of different individuals.

The Wapiti will sell for $64.99 and the Muley is priced at $54.99. Caribou Gear will post both products for sale on their website on March 20. Both products will be available at Sportsman’s Warehouse in June and Cabela’s April 1st. These quality game bags are well worth the price!


While recommending the Muley and Wapiti Caribou Gear Game Bags I would be remiss if I didn’t mention their FISH BAGS. Designed out of the same lightweight synthetic material Caribou’s Fish Bags are also stain resistant and washable allowing the serious fisherman to get multiple uses out of these bags. They feature a pull string top for easy closure and a locking loop that allows you to easily hang the heaviest fish. Caribou Gear’s fish bags feature weep holes at the bottom of the bag that allow the water to quickly drain to lighten your load.

These bags are great for stream fishing, from shorelines or out in boats to keep your catch clean from dirt or debris. They are also translucent when wet and always reusable. Choose from the following sizes and prices to best meet your needs.

• Sockeye 23×30 $10.99
• Silver 26×36 $13.00
• Chinook 40×20 $13.99


What They Could Do Better

• I just can’t find anything wrong with Caribou Gear’s Muley or Wapiti game or Fish Bags. These items should be part of every hunter/fisherman’s gear list. I highly recommend that you check out their website @

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability