Canyon Coolers Mule 30QT Cooler

By Cory McLaughlin


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Just the Facts:

The Mule 30QT true capacity premium cooler is fitted with hard wearing wheels that makes getting your goods and gear from one location to another easy. It’s a family-friendly cooler, perfect for those times that your hands are full, with more to carry. An integrated cargo bungee net allows you to attach additional items to the top of the cooler for hands-free cargo hauling. And it’s built with more insulation than any other premium cooler on the market today. It’s perfect for the boat, the soccer field, or any adventure you can conceive.

  • Ice Retention: 3-5 days
  • Weight: 26lbs
  • Rubber non-skid feet
  • Capacity: 30 quarts/28 liters
  • Insulation Material: HUNTX foam is extreme pressure injected for maximum ice retention
  • Construction: Rotomolded Kayak Plastic (LDPE)
  • Baskets: Optional (sold separately)
  • Rated 40hr blood/plasma compatible with appropriate packing
  • Seal: AirTight Seal
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Perfect for keeping a 30 pack ice cold for days.
  • Hard wearing wheels to get from one place to another easy.
  • Integrated jungle bungee strap adds carrying capacity of the cooler.
  • Keeps ice 5-7 days depending on environment and use.
  • One-piece bombproof construction for a lifetime of use.
  • Covered by Canyon’s unconditional, no-hassle, no-fault lifetime warranty.



My Story:

Coolers are not all created equal. There was a time that nearly all coolers preformed about the same but those days are long gone and in today’s world a person finds themselves with more choices than I care to mention. Over the past few years and through my extensive cooler testing I was lucky enough to begin a working relationship with the great folks at Canyon Coolers. I have had some very good times testing out and regularly using Canyon Cooler products and I thought it would be fun to test out some of the items I was unfamiliar with. The Mule cooler was one such item and I was really excited to test it out.

The Mule arrived just in time for us to load it up and head out to a softball tournament. The weather was meant to be very warm and we knew that we would need a solid cooler to keep our lunch items cold. The Mule is perfect for a lunch sized load and it was a great companion at the game.


In the past we have always used a wagon to haul out cooler to and from the dugout or any place we needed it. One of my favorite things about The Mule is that it’s equipped with its own wheels and tow handle which freed up space in the wagon for other softball gear.

The top of the Mule comes with a great webbing system that can be used to hold loose items or even chairs. This is a great feature as you now have a cooler that is also its own mini wagon. It is incredibly handy to have a piece of gear that serves more than one purpose.

The Mule has been to every tournament and game for both my adult league and my daughters travel team and it has been beaten and bumped without a single issue. I have loaded and unloaded this cooler more times than I can remember and I have towed it behind me to the tune of several miles by this point. It is truly a game changer!

Sure, wheels on coolers is not new technology and should not be a mind blowing innovation. The difference is in the Canyon Cooler roto molded design and HUNTX foam insulation. This cooler is going to keep your drinks and food cold for days on ends and that is just a cold hard fact! The Mule also comes with an integrated bottle opener which is a nice addition.

For my testing I did not fill this cooler with ice and wait for it to turn into water. I honestly hate that test because I have never know a person to do that. Instead, I filled the cooler with beer, food, pop, Gatorade, and whatever else I felt like using. Each fill was typically complemented by a standard 10lb bag of ice. I found that one bag of ice would carry us through a full weekend tournament with ice to spare when unpacking on Sunday night. I found that a 30 bomb stays nice and cold through a double header and into the parking lot for tailgating. Overall what I found was that the Canyon Mule is the perfect weekend adventure cooler.

It is important to note that ice retention is relative to a wide verity of factors. External temperatures, pre-cooling, internal contents and how often it is opened and closed or how much it is jostled or moved all play a role in ice retention. If you want to set it in the shade and wait for the ice to turn to water be my guest but do not be surprised to find that when you use the cooler for actual real world activity you will find the retention rates are not the same. What my testing confirmed is that under moderate to heavy use this cooler will keep items cold for a typical to long weekend adventure. Those are the real world results you should expect.  

The last thing that I want to talk about is Canyon Coolers new Lifetime No-Fault Warranty. In a perfect world you will never have to use this and so it won’t matter, but we do not live in a perfect world. It brings peace of mind to know that IF something were to go wrong Canyon Coolers has you covered. In the world of high end coolers this is a game changing warranty that many of Canyons competitors do not offer.      

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What can be done better?

For its advertised and intended uses I cannot think of anything that I would change about Canyon’s Mule cooler. I do have slight concerns about the handle and it’s lifespan but with Canyon Coolers new warranty I am not worried as I know that Canyon Coolers has me covered.


  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability

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