Vortex disiscope 1 mile

Vortex Skyline ED 20-60 x 80 Spotting Scope

[rating: 3.5/5]

Would you recommend to Friend: YES


Great light gathering





Very large hard to fit in most packs

Little distortion at the edges



We have used this scope for 1.5 year on Elk, Deer and Sheep hunts. It works great. Not one person has ever looked through the scope and been disappointed.

We used it from early daylight up until dark. We found it to gather good amount of light, and really be just about as good as anything we used.

We did feel the scope was a little large and heavy. But we will used it on several pack in trips.

We did not use the Warranty, but man it looks good.

What could they do better:

Give me a little better scope cover.

Vortex Skyline ED 20-60 x 80 Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability

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