Vortex Nomad Spotting Scope Review


Vortex Nomad Spotting Scope Review


Would you recommend to Friend: YES for backpack trips, No for normal spotting


Small and compact great for backpacking





Not great clarity

Low light clarity drops off


One of our group used this scope on a recent Desert Sheep hunt. We packed in for several days, so the user really liked the weight. We lined it up side by side with several other scopes in the mid day, and it performed well. The clarity was not quite as good as top end scopes, but better than ANY other scope in this price range.

The scope did not require a huge tripod either which was a huge bonus. This really cut the weight for this pack in trip. We all decided we would use this scope on any pack in trip.

The scope was very durable and survived a pretty good tumble down a sandstone hill. The Vortex Nomad is a handy scope to have maybe as a second scope or a pack in scope. I am confident you would get years of good service out of this scope and feel good about your investment.

What could they do better:

Nothing for this price.

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  1. At last! Someone who unedtrsands! Thanks for posting!

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  2. Thanks for the good information. I am in need of the best spotting scope for hunting that is not very expensive. I think I am going to save a little bit more money and buy the Nikon ProStaff though.

  3. Though it’s a little expensive scope but able to make satisfied your using. Lens. size and durability performed it more selectable. So “No for normal spotting”. Thanks for the informative post.

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