Traser H3 P 6507 Commander 100 Pro Watch Review

Editor: Reed

Basic Description of item:

Swiss Made Outdoor Military look and feel watch

Just the Facts:

·        43 mm black PVD-plated titanium case with unidirectional rotating titanium bezel, sapphire crystal, olive green dial and white illumination

·        Movement – Ronda 715 Quartz

·        Case – Titanium, black PVD-plated

·        Bezel – Titanium, black PVD-plated

·        Crystal – Sapphire

·        Water resistant to – 660 ft / 290 psi

·        Size (diameter) – 43 mm

·        Dial (color) – olive green

·        Illumination – 1-11 white, 12 orange, H/M/SE hand white, bezel orange

·        Bracelet (standard) – Foliage green textile strap no. 36

Retail Price: $620.00

Available Price:  $558.00



Ok, so I’ve been looking for a simple, rugged, watch that I can hunt, hike, work with, that is not too big, has a military simplicity to It, and I can see at night (all night).  I think I’ve found a great choice with the Traser H3 P 6507 Commander 100 Pro.

This watch doesn’t do anything really exotic like my Tissot T-Touch (which I also recommend), but I love the lightweight rugged nature and the understated simplicity of the Traser.  This watch was meant to do one thing… tell time.  It is also important for me to be able to see the time in the dark and this watch is unique among only a few brands that use tritium (yes, like the night sights on your 40 caliber Sig Sauer).  So you don’t need to shine a flashlight on your watch so that it glows… it creates its own glow.  At first I thought the glow generated was not bright enough, but that was with my unadjusted night vision.  As soon as your eyes adjust for the darkness, it is easy to see exactly what time it is.

What they could do better:



Traser H3 P 6507 Commander 100 Pro Watch Review
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