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Basic Description:

The TINES UP Point N Shoot Scope)Cam is the easiest, fastest, digiscoping setup out on the market today! This scope cam isn’t big and bulky but very sleek. Unlike other digiscoping devices this innovative kit is simple to setup. They are compact, lightweight, fast, and extremely easy to use. If you have never digiscoped before, then this Point and Shoot kit is everything you have been waiting for!


The Facts:

The TINES UP Point and Shoot Scope)Cam adapter is secured to your camera and then simply fits over your spotting scope? The Tines Up Scope)Cam adapter works with friction just like the lens cap on your spotting scope does. It’s easy. You simply push and slide the adapter over your eyepiece until it hit’s the stop point. The adapter actually centers itself as you slide it onto your scope. All adjustments are eliminated. You can begin the digiscoping process within seconds.

At the present time Tines Up has developed adapters to fit the following different scope models: Swarovski ATS/STS, Swarovski ATM/STM (2010 model & newer), Leica Televid 77 & 62, Zeiss Diascope 85 & 65, the new Zeiss Victory, Vortex Skyline, Vortex Razor HD, Brunton Eterna, Kowa TSN 880, 770 and 773, and the Leopold and Kowa big eyes binoculars. If you don’t see your scope on the list, all you have to do is drop the Tines Up team an email at [email protected]or call them435-979-3727 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              435-979-3727      end_of_the_skype_highlighting and they will personally see what can be done to help you successfully get started with digiscoping. The Tines Up video on the Point and Shoot Scope DIGI Cam Kit is posted on their website that you can access at is very educational and beneficial for you to review.


With the advent of digiscoping the world of guiding, hunting, hiking or just spending quality time out in the great outdoors has changed dramatically. Having spent the past 20 years pursuing bighorn rams as a guide, it used to be that all I had to worry about was locating a trophy animal. Now, while doing my pre-season scouting it is extremely important for me to capture quality pictures or videos of the animals that I have located to share with prospective clients or close friends. For someone like me who isn’t exactly an expert with the technical aspects of the “new technical gadgets, videos, cameras, etc,” it’s really important to simplify the digiscoping process as much as possible. Even with some good coaching from digiscope wizards like Reggie Parsons with Tines Up I have still struggled with polishing the process. For instance, last year I purchased a really expensive Swarovski digiscope device for my spotting scope but found it to be a little heavy, bulky and difficult to get on and off my scope. As with all my equipment I’m always on the look out for something that is simple but works efficiently. Therefore, when the Tines Up boys came out with their new Point N Shoot Scope Cam Adaptor it was a dream come true for me! I couldn’t believe how easy it was to operate. I didn’t even hesitate at purchasing the kit to take out on the mountain. It is extremely lightweight, fast and efficient. Also, when the Scope Cam is not threaded onto my camera, I can simply enjoy the normal functions of my Canon point and click by snapping pictures like I would with a normal camera.

What is really slick about the Tines Up setup is that I not only can shoot High resolution still pictures, but have the capability of taking HD quality, (720p, 1080p), video with sound, right through my spotting scope. I found while field testing my new “hunting equipment” out that I could take a number of outstanding still shots and video clips at distances from 200-1500 yards. For a semi-technically illiterate guide like me this is a huge home run. These pictures are really exciting and amazing for someone that has never successfully digiscoped before. Anyone can now take one of the Tines Up kits and begin to take clear pictures or video clips with almost no training or practice what so ever. These kits are that easy to use. What I have liked the most is that I can do it quickly without wasting quality time when I have a trophy ram or animal that is not going to just stand there and pose for me while trying to get set up to take a picture!

With the Tines Up Point & Shoot Scope)Cam kit I got a Canon SD1400is compact HD digital camera with the base ring bonded on and ready to go. Along with the camera I received a battery pack, wall charger, wrist strap, AV cable, interface cable for my computer, software & manual. The Point & Shoot Scope)Cam adapter is custom fit to your specific spotting scope.Also included in the package is a Lens Cleaning Kit and a 1 year warranty on camera defects. You can’t beat that for the price of $325.
You can also purchase a few extra accessories such as a backup rechargeable battery, a Mini HDMI to HDMI cable (for HD output to HDTV) and a Tines Up quick case. Right now the Tines Up kit is also on sale.

What They Could Do Better

I absolutely love what Tines Up has done with their DIGI Scope Cam Adaptor kit and would recommend the purchase to anyone who wishes to capture long distance photos through the power of their spotting scope with a point and click camera. Right now I can’t think of anything they could do better with this simple device.

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  • Durability