Swarovski HD Spotting Scope

 Swarovski ATM/STM 80 HD Spotting Scope Review

Editor: Rod

Basic Description:

High Definition 20-60 power 80mm Spotting Scope Angled

Just the Facts:

Weight:   1280 grams
Objective Lens Diameter:   80 mm
Shortest Focusing Distance:   16.4 feet / 5 meters
Dioptric Correction:   >5
Objective Filter Thread:   M 82×0.75
Length, approx.:   13.19 inches / 355 mm
Weight, approx.:   45.2 ounces / 1280 gram


I spend my falls in the mountains chasing Elk and Deer. I am a guide in my spare time, and people are really counting on my to provide them with a quality experience. Part of what they are expecting is a good look at the game they are pursuing, and a very accuarate estimate of what those animals are, age, score, etc.

For this reason I am convinced that I need the very best optics available, and decided to go with Swarovski HD spotting scopes.  My scopes do not spend much time in a padded nice case, or on a shelf. My spotting scopes are in a pack, on a 4 wheeler, getting grabbed quickly and ran with through the timber. It is sad to say, but I am tough on my gear.

With all of that said, I have been thrilled with the performance of my HD ATM/STM 80mm Swarovski Spotting Scope. My clients and myself can see game clearly in all kinds of adverse conditions, low light,cloudy, smokey, etc. I am not saying you can see in the dark, but darn close. I have also been thrilled that I have beat the crap out of these scopes and they have not shown any wear.

The price of Swarovski can scare some people away, but this is a purchase that you will make once in your life. I love this peice of equipment, and see it as one of my best and most important tools.

What they could do better:

Have a sale once in a while.

Swarovski ATM/STM 80 HD Spotting Scope Review
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  • Value
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  • Durability