S4 LockDownX Bino Harness, User Submitted

Editor:Michael Lewis

Basic Description of Item:

This is the most comfortable optic holder I have had the joy to put on. The weight and comfort of this is surpassed only by the ease and quickness it allows when you need to use it in a rush. If you like having a Bino holder that you can whip out in a hurry and not have to fiddle around to use it, then look no further. The comfort and low profile fit and straps keep your optics from bouncing around on your wheeler or horse while you move, and the case provides extra protection for your lenses, the only thing better than the ease and comfort is the price. I expected this to be close to $80-$90, but was pleasently surprised to see it at almost half that price. This is what i think of when I say bargain.

Just the Facts:

fits binoculars 5.75-7.5 inches, shock cord security straps, Black in color, and i believe it even comes in camo


I got to use this when I went out riding a few days ago and was sold the second we hit the trail. my previous strap didnt have the extra waist strap and was thin but somehow more bulky too. Now that I put the LockDown X on I didnt have to worry about my optics bouncing back and forth on the trail, and found it super easy to access them in a hurry. Cant wait to take them out for the rifle hunt. Now i just need better optics and ill be set

What they could do better:

The comfort and access are the best I have experienced.

I’m sold




S4 LockDownX Bino Harness USER SUBMITTED
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability

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