Rick Young Outdoors Binocular Harness Review

Basic Description:
A very compact & ultra lightweight binocular harness system.
Just The Facts:
The Rick Young Outdoors bino harness is a compact, lightweight alternative to traditional “flat strap” harnesses. It is cool to wear, designed with a thin cord that doesn’t trap your body heat and is not constrictive. Your body can therefore breathe easier. With the cord system there is less strain when stretching your binoculars upward to view from, yet the harness is durable and firmly holds your binoculars against your chest. The stretch cord is advertised to not lose its shape or effectiveness. The fasteners are easily detached from your binoculars and are made of tested and proven composite material.

As much time as I spend “out on the mountain” backpacking while scouting for trophy rams I’m constantly searching for quality binocular harnesses that are durable and will meet my demands. Over the years I have either stretched out or broken more than one “bino harness.” In sheep country I always carry a pair of 15 x 56 binoculars for long distance glassing. These glasses, of course, are a little more bulky and heavier than smaller magnification binoculars.
When I ordered this bino harness I was somewhat skeptical as to how they would hold up since more than one of the more popular suspension systems on the market today have not necessarily met my needs. Although I do most of my glassing from a tripod, which is much more effective than offhand, there are many times while hiking through sheep terrain that I am constantly glassing ahead of me. In other words, it is important that my bino’s are readily accessible and the straps don’t restrict my motion. Thicker straps can make it a little tougher to pull your binoculars up to eye level and although they may not bounce on your chest they may be too tight of a fit and wear you uncomfortably. I want a strap that I do not have to strain to hold up while glassing for animals. This is why I have appreciated the Rick Young system. It is lightweight and easy for me to bring up to my eyes. The harness has not stretched out yet. I can easily detach the compact harness from my binoculars when I sit down to glass off of a monopod, my knees, or a tripod. If I’m hiking this harness won’t take the bounce out of my heavier 15 x 56 binoculars so I prefer to slip them into my Alaska Guide Creation’s Bino Chest pack while still attached to the lightweight cord. Combining the two has worked well for my needs. If I’m not hiking then I use only the Rick Young System.


At a price of $15.95 I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this harness system. So far they have held up extremely well under some tough field conditions.

What They Could Do Better
• I wouldn’t change this system. For what it was developed for, lightweight and compact, it functions well.


Rick Young Outdoors Binocular Harness Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability

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