Primary Arms 4X Compact Prism Scope Review

Editor: Cameron

Just the Facts:

• Comes complete with mount
• FOV 23.6′ at 100 yards
• Compatible with .223/5.56 5.45×39 .308
• Red fully illuminated reticle (Daylight Visible)
• 11 brightness settings
• Waterproof
• Fog resistant
• Eye relief 3.2″
• 1/2 MOA windage and elevation adjustments
• Length: 5.55″
• Weight: 16.2 oz.
• Multi-coated lens
• Fits on Acog mounts
• Picatinny rail included
• Uses one CR2032 battery (Included)
• Front and rear flip up caps included
• Base can be removed for use on a AR15/M16 carry handle (Thumb screw sold separately)
• Optional kill flash is sold separately
• One year warranty

Primary Arms prism 4x AR Scope
Primary Arms prism 4x AR Scope


The Primary Arms 4X Compact Prism Scope is a fixed 4 power illuminated optic. It is paired best with a flat top style ar-15. It has an etched reticle called the ACSS (Advanced Combat Sighting System) that has 11 brightness settings, now since it is etched you can use the optic even if the battery dies. It is a calibrated reticle that has ranges all the way out to 800 yards. It works best with the 5.56/.223 caliber, out of a 14.5, 16 or 18 inch barrel. It also works with .308 and AK platform calibers. It includes a screw on mount, as well as front and rear flip up caps. Since it is a fixed 4 power it is not “best” for up close shooting, so it includes a pitcatinny rail so you can mount a doctor optic on top for up close quick shots. It is also compatible with all Trijicon ACOG style mounts, so larue, bobro, adm etc… will work with this optic. Are you impressed yet? Do you have a price in mind? I have a feeling if you do; you are in the $500 price range? This optic feels like $500 optic. It is very robust! The elevation and windage adjustments are very tactful and positive feeling. The illumination knob is very stiff, in a good way. It is so smooth feeling; you can tell this optic is well designed and durable.

Now here is for the best part, this optic sells for $259.99. Yes, that is not a typo. The value on this optic is through the roof. Try and find another optic on the market that gives you the versatility, included accessories and build quality. I am not saying this is as good as an ACOG, I know it isn’t. But not everyone needs a combat style optic that could go to hell and back and still work. The Primary Arms 4X prism scope is no slouch however. It fills a lot of niches in a market that is flooded with high end top dollar optics no average shooter can afford, as well as low end cheap optics that no one wants.
The optical quality of this scope is very impressive; it is not typical budget optic quality. This helps in the usage of their patented ACSS (Advanced Combat Sighting System) reticle a breeze. Again, the value of this scope is just impressive.
I think this would be the ideal optic for a deer, hog and predator hunting. It gives you enough magnification that you can make a 400 yard shot on deer size game but allows you quick follow up shots for a hog hunter. Tree stand hunters would love this as well. It allows you to use quick and agile handling ar-15 without a large a cumbersome magnified rifle scope.
Zeroing the optic was a piece of cake, once you get the eye relief correct you want to make sure you use some form of thread locker on the mount. They leave that off from the factory so make sure you put it on, if things can come loose they will.
Last but not least, this optic is just fun to shoot. If you are looking for an optic on your ar-15 that you are just going to shoot some steel or paper with, you can’t go wrong with this optic.

Primary Arms 4x Compact Prism Scope Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability