Nikon Monarch Laser 800 Range Finder review

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of Item:
Laser Range finder, compact size, promises ranging of NON reflective surface to 800 yards
Just the Facts:
Nikon’s Tru-Target Technology with 1st Target and Distant Target priority modes; Fully WATERPROOF and FOGPROOF; Multicoated optics; Incredible yard accuracy; Ranges distances from 11-800 yards; Long Eye Relief with folding rubber eyecup; Reticle backlighting option allows user to light up display in lowlight conditions; Focusing diopter; Compact and Lightweight; 3 volt Lithium battery; Field of View 330 at 1,000yds; Unique reticle allows user to know ranging in progress.

Wyoming here we come, we went to the Cowboy State, to hunt Pronghorn Antelope. One of the most critical items to have on an Antelope hunt is a range finder, so…

I picked up the Nikon Range finder for 3 reasons:
– The store recommended it, and felt it would truly read out to 800 yards even in non ideal (non reflective) situations.
– It has a nice compact size that I like
– It was reduced in price down to 289$, so if it worked that is a great price.

During the first day of hunting we primarily spotted and stalked bucks that we would see from LONG distances. As we approached what I thought would be distances less than 800 yards, I would start using the range finder. I could range items out to 300 yards, but could NOT get a range on any Antelope, Hill, Brush pile, rock, or anything else beyond that. I did, one time, range a BRIGHT ROCK with the sun blasting it at 526 yards. That was the best I could do.
Day 2 found us in a blind overlooking a series of water holes. We were hoping to have some rutting bucks move through the valley we were in. We were confident we could catch them as we sat in our blind.
We did have a good buck approach, but he stayed out at about 400 yards, or what we thought was 400 yards…Once again we could NOT get a range. We tried changing to different setting, etc, but NO luck.
If you are an archer, this would be a nice device, but not for rifle hunting. It just did not work with any kind of consistency beyond 300 yards. DANG IT, I was so hopeful.

What they could do better:
Advertise it as the Monarch Laser 300.

Nikon Monarch Laser 800 Range Finder review
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