Lead Field Editor – Randy Johnson, HIGH DESERT WILD SHEEP GUIDES

Basic Description:
After two years of research and development KUIU’s new binocular system is now ready for release to the public. Lightweight, yet strong, soft and durable this new harness system will secure your binoculars to your chest, eliminating any bounce or uncomfortable movement. Designed with a detachable, waterproof nylon covering the KUIU system features a pull up flap on the top of their protective pouch. This cutting edge engineering provides you with immediate access to your binos. This high tech harness allows tension free glassing with straps that will not stretch out after use. KUIU’s innovative, hunter research technology, has produced a harness system that may be the best on the market today!


The Facts:
While most binocular systems feature straps that provide no lens protection nor enclosure for your binoculars in a protective department as well as no immediate access or attachment, KUIU’s new harness system addresses all these issues and more! This product is a step up in the world of binocular harnesses. No elastic straps to stretch out the KUIU system holds your binos close to your chest and will not bounce nor sway when you are climbing and crawling through the roughest of terrain. Take a look at these facts and compare the specifications to any other harness system on the market and you will see why I am so high on the KUIU binocular harness.

• Toray Primeflex Soft Shell Material with 4-Way Stretch – 274g/m2
• Toray KUDOS DWR Finish (DWR=Durable Water Repellent)
• Designed with Duraflex Snaps
• 30 Denier Sil-Nylon Diamond Ripstop Rain Cover
• Protects your valuable optics from the weather and exposure to the elements
• Advanced design technology distributes weight of binoculars evenly on chest
• This harness system prevents binocular sway, movement and sagging
• The pouch cover can be adjusted for an exact fit
• The harness system holds tight to your chest and is simple to adjust
• Water Repellent – Treated with Tory KUDOS DWR Finish
• Separate Detachable Elastic Binocular holder when not using the Pouch
• Pouch lined with micro-fleece for added protection
• Foam reinforced Base Structure
• Moldable Plastic Top Lid
• Shock Cord Constriction to Hold Binoculars in place

Sizing & Weight
• Large Holds Binoculars up to 10 x 42
Weight – 7 ounces (pouch, harness, straps, buckles)

• Extra Large Holds Binoculars up to 15 x 56
Weight – 8 ounces (pouch, harness, straps, buckles)

I’m continually on the look out for the most innovative technology and gear on the market today. As a desert sheep guide it is critical to my success that my gear will hold up under the most difficult of conditions and when it comes to binocular harnesses I’m very picky. Nothing irritates me more than a bino harness that doesn’t protect my valuable optics or it won’t hold my binoculars firm against my body. It becomes very tiresome to have chest straps that stretch out and allow your binos to bounce when you are hiking or attempting a stalk on a trophy ram. Please keep in mind that I hike for hours each day when I’m out on the mountain in rugged terrain and the weight of high end optics can get very uncomfortable on your neck and shoulder muscles, especially if the harness system allows too much movement. With the new KUIU binocular system I have found a harness that steps up to the plate and covers all my bases when producing a system that is made of innovative, high quality materials, is lightweight, extremely compact, efficient and comfortable to wear. Besides, the KUIU harness is also very appealing to the eye if that is important to you.
Recently, I had the opportunity to chase spring black bear in Utah’s extremely vertical and rugged Tushar Mountains. For two weeks I crawled, hiked and climbed through ledges and thick undergrowth that was capable of tearing clothing and other gear to shreds. All the time I wore my new KUIU binocular system and I can tell you right now that it performed flawlessly. Wow, was I ever impressed! The KUIU Binocular System held my valuable optics close to my chest without any movement. This was a big advance for many of the other bino harness systems you see on the market just don’t do this. Designed to securely fit high on your chest KUIU’s harness system doesn’t allow your optics to dangle or bounce. Even when I was hustling my butt after the hounds in an all out race after a bear the harness didn’t let my Swarovski’s flop against my chest. Now, that is a big plus in my book of opinion.

To get the KUIU harness to function as it was designed, I simply tightened the straps snuggly so there was no slack around the chest. This process distributed the weight of my optics evenly around my upper torso, thus eliminating any pressure points on the neck, shoulders and in the chest area. If fitted properly the protective, fleece-lined pouch will not fall forward when you take your binoculars out to glass. I couldn’t believe how light the KUIU harness system felt and yet it was extremely strong and secure.

With the KUIU harness system you will notice a back panel that forms a comfortable X-shape. The Toray soft shell fabric used on the panel allows enough stretch that your movement or breathing is not constricted in any way. I simply hate elastic on binocular harnesses because they stretch far too much and allow my heavy 15 x 56 Swarovski’s to bounce and sag. When this happen it is not at all conducive to bushwhacking in difficult terrain.


KUIU is all about Mountain Hunting and Jason and his team put a lot of thought into the design of this binocular system that was efficient, simple and very usable. I found that I could easily take my binoculars out of the pouch with one hand even when I was holding on to a ledge for balance with my other hand. In many instances I was carrying my rifle and only had one hand to access my binos. This was the case when I was chasing bear this spring as I had my rifle in my other hand almost continually. To get my binos out of the pouch all I had to do was pull the top flap up and I immediately had access to glass the terrain in front of me. The top flap prevented leaves or any debris from getting into the pouch that might scratch the lens of my binoculars. The detachable, rain-proof cover was also very convenient and provided extra protection when I required it.

The KUIU system features two small mesh side-pockets that I found were handy for small items such as games calls, wind powder, insect repellant, etc. At a price of $79.99 for the large and $84.99 for the extra-large, I believe that this binocular harness is well worth you money!

What They Could Do Better:
KUIU has produced another incredible piece of gear for the serious Mountain Hunter. I love this binocular harness and will be using it extensively this fall. The only suggestion I have for Jason and his team would be to reinforce the mesh on the two side pockets and include some type of closure to assure small items don’t fall out. I wouldn’t want to rip the mesh pockets in heavy brush and I’m always looking for a convenient secure place to store a pair of reading glasses and these pockets will be the ideal place.

Kuiu Binocular Harness System Review
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