Kowa BD42 Series 10x 42 Binocular Review

Basic Desription:
High class binoculars with a full range of specifications that can be used in all conditions in the outdoors. A bright wide field of viewdelivers sharp images.

Just the Facts:

-Utilization of “C3 Coating”

This is new technology for enhancing the prism reflection rate. By reducing the amount of light lost, a brighter and clearer field of view is attained.

-Multi-coating processing applied to all lenses and prism surfaces
-Use of phase-coated prism surface
-Close minimum focusing distance
-Use of twist-up eyecup for easy viewing
-Rubber coating that is comfortable for holding
-Waterproof structure filled with dry nitrogen gas

10 Power
Field of view 104.8 meters at 1000 meters
Real field of view 6 degrees


Editor: Mike


I have been a fan of Kowa since I purchased a Kowa spotting scope about 1 year ago. The spotting scope has been nothing short of fantastic!

I decided on the Kowa BD Series 10-42 after spending days and days in the store comparing them to other binos in the similar price range of $550. I then compared them to many binos in the $850 price range, and felt they were equal. NICE JOB KOWA

I have been using the Kowa binos now on my daily hikes. I have been spotting big game at ranges from 100 yards to several thousand yards. I of course, do most of this at first and last light. It is critical to have a binocular that gathers as much light as possible and transmits that to your eye. The Kowa nails this!

The Kowa binos give me the feel that I am looking at items with my own eyes, and not having to struggle to look through something. Meaning, I could look through these binoculars for hours with no eye strain.

I was able to compare the Kowa side by side with several similar priced binoculars and have felt they are the clear winner in several categories: Clarity around the edge, Light Gathering, and Eye Strain.
This is how I evaluate binoculars, and the Kowa are the best at meeting this criteria in all of the $500 to $800 binoculars that I tested.

Best Binocular for under $700
No eye strain after hours of glassing
Light gathering is outstanding
Total Clarity and Edge Clarity is second to none.

Great job Kowa, the BD series 10×42 is an outstanding binocular, and well worth the investment.

What they could do better:
Get the word out, these are great binos!

Kowa BD 10-42 Binocular Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability

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